VIDEO: Odighizuwa Has Fun

SEP. 1 -- Senior defensive end Owamagbe Odighizuwa was all smiles talking about playing against Virginia...

Owamagbe Odighizuwa answered questions from the media Monday.

On his first game back:
It was exciting. I was excited to be out there with my teammates, playing another game, getting back in to the swing of things. It was everything and more.

On his tip that led to Ishmael Adams' pick six:
For me, it was another attempt to get to the quarterback. I was determined to hit that guy as many times as possible, so any effort to get there was what I was trying to do. When I saw his hand, I was just like get to it, swat it, do something. I didn't think it would spiral the way it did, it kind of hit Ish in the hands, but I was excited when it happened.

On getting that big play:
It was awesome.

On the pressure on Kendricks' pick-six:
We were just being athletic and out-scheming them on that play. Coach called a certain pressure to make the tackle move their feet. Once we got him one way, we came the other way and he had four guys in his face. He had to make a decision, either get sacked by four guys, or throw it and he so happened to throw it right into Eric Kendricks hands. It played in to our hands and a great play that helped our momentum.

On not wanting to come out:
I was just playing the game and I felt like I had to be out there as much as possible. I didn't realize how many plays I actually played until we were watching the film and I was counting the plays. I was like 'dang, that was a lot of plays.' I had no clue I was out there as long as possible. I didn't realize how many plays I was out there.

On Kenny Clark:
Kenny Clark is the real deal. Always been really excited about him and knew he'd be very good. My thing is, if you have good interior play, it's going to help the whole defense. He showed up in a big way and it helped the whole defense.

On if he had any jitters:
No, not at all. I was just excited to get back out there and play. I put too much work in and preparation and was ready to go out there.

On what he saw on film:
As a defense, there were little things that hurt us. The very first play, they had that long run down our sideline. There was a breakdown that was very fixable. Little things like that, if you don't take care of it. Penalties, I think I was offside a play. If we want to be as good as we want to be, we have to eliminate things like that.

On if the defensive line made a statement:
Yeah, I think it was a big statement. I wouldn't say we were out there trying to make a statement, we were doing what we're supposed to do. We just went out there and executed and it paid off.

On generating pressure:
It's huge because it allows the linebacker and secondary to do what they're best at, covering and being in space. That's why Eric Kendricks had a phenomenal game because we were able to do our job and allowed Myles Jack to cover receivers and poke the ball out at the end of the game. If we can do that, it will help the defense in a huge way.

On if he had a lot of fun:
I had a lot of fun. I lost my voice. I was out there yelling and motivating guys as much as I can. I wish I hadn't lost my voice but it was really fun.

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