VIDEO: Payton on Making Fixes

SEP 1. -- Receiver Jordan Payton talked Monday about what fixes can be made after watching the film of the Virginia game...

Jordan Payton answered questions from the media Monday.

On his heavily wrapped hand:
It's just a bruise, I got hit in the hand by a facemask, nothing too serious. Early in the game, I obviously played through it. Just a little precautionary.

On what he saw on film:
I watched it yesterday. A lot of mistakes and definitely some things we can clean up. Something to look forward to. We had a lot of mental errors and in general, a lot of things that were first game mistakes. Guys were anxious to make things happen, even myself. If we clean it up, we'll be a lot better this week.

On the drops:
It was kind of the anxiousness. A lot of guys in the receiving corps, it was their first time really out there, like Eldridge and Sweet. Not saying they dropped them. Just getting those first game nerves out.

On the receivers errors:
It was a bunch of things, kind of the first game vibes. Trying to get the timing right, and the little steps here that makes things happen. I'm glad we saw it now rather than two weeks down the line. But everything is going to turn out good and we'll look forward to Memphis.

On if he saw opportunities against Virginia they didn't take:
I think every week you see that. You kind of miss and the name of the game is 'if I had gone this way, this would have happened.' We definitely missed some opportunities. Virginia had a great defense.

On their secondary:
We knew they would be a good secondary, they came out and played their game. Fortunately, we came out with a win and we played that much. It worked out for us.

On his comfort:
I've been doing it. Now it's kind of being the older guy and the veteran and just going instead of just thinking.

On his third down catch to seal it:
It was huge, 3rd and 8. It was huge. Everyone keeps telling me it was a nice catch but that's what you're supposed to do. It's a pass-catch thing. I knew where it was going to be and where he'd throw it. That's trust and the connection I talked about. I trust him and he trusts me.

On if he and Hundley's connection is stronger than ever:
For sure, that comes with him growing up and me growing up. We've been here and now we're both mature and understand each other.

On the offense clicking late:
I think we just kind of believed in the whole system. Throughout the game we were so sporadic and trying to do so much. Before, we have a simple offense and simple things, and we were like 'lets go'. We definitely want to keep it going.

On scoring as many as the defense this week:
For sure. I've been hearing about it. They've been talking about that for a few days. That's definitely one of the goals and we have to score more than the defense.

On going against the Virginia DBs for the first time:
That's a great question. A lot of DBs, like our DBs are aggressive. They have a great defensive coach and a lot of schools have different techniques. They played a lot of off, and slow played things and not as aggressive. That's definitely the difference.

On Hundley's composure:
I definitely saw the majority, especially on third down, getting hit the whole game and pressure in his face. That's definitely where you see maturity and see a team captain in that situation. You see that every day from him. He stays late and he wants to be great and that's something you want to be around.

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