VIDEO: Kendricks on Defense

SEP. 2 -- Senior linebacker Eric Kendricks talked Monday about his 16-tackle performance against Virginia, Myles Jack, Kenny Young, the defense as a whole, and more...

Eric Kendricks answered questions Monday.

On what he noticed on film he didn't before:
I left a lot of stuff on the field and things I could have improved. I made a lot of rookie mistakes and a lot of mistakes I pride myself on. I want to get back to doing the right thing.

On if he made mistakes even with 16 tackles:
Absolutely. If you watch the film, you'll see I made some key mistakes in the pass game, some drops, so I'll have to get back to it. I could have had more stats if I had done the right thing.

On Myles Jack:
He was salty in the run gap. He took pride in his run fits. He had, what, 13 tackles? He was filling nicely and I definitely felt his presence on the other side.

On if he saw a difference on the defensive line in run defense:
Yes, definitely. Like I said, everyone was gap sound and doing their job and it was crucial as far as the pass rush was concerned. They were nearly in his face or in the backfield every play. Hats off to their quarterback.

On having a nose tackle get eight tackles:
You must have never met Kenny Clark before. I wasn't surprised at all he had a great game because he works his butt off in practice and he does the same things in practice. It translates naturally.

On Kenny Young's first game:
He was awesome. He's a young kid, a rookie, but as far as his mindset, it's there. He played well, he had a couple mistakes here and there, communication, but it all can be fixed luckily, but nothing was too big for him and I'm looking forward to playing with him the rest of the season.

On if Young was asking him for advice:
Not quite, he was on his own pretty solid. He made a few mistakes in zone and I myself wasn't perfect. All of this can be corrected and he came out pretty well.

On getting on the offense for not scoring as much as the defense:
Man, that was awesome, I've never been a part of a defense scoring three touchdowns. It happens and that's what we've been practicing. It was surprising but at the same time, it wasn't because I know how hard these guys had been working.

On if he baited the QB on his pick:
I did a little bit, but I knew I had him and I knew whatever coverage I was in. I made a break on the ball and as soon as broke on it, I saw it so it was pretty cool.

On how much it was practice and how much it was instinct:
We definitely work on 1-on-1s all the time in practice, but I think a lot of it, I don't know, I just can't explain it.

On being named defensive player of the week:
It's really cool. But I'm going to get back to work.

On their QB change:
They started throwing it deep and started completing some things. They started throwing some crossing routes and completing passes down field and it changed. He made some great throws, I'm not going to lie. Things started clicking for them. We made a lot of plays in the second quarter and maybe we didn''t make as many plays when he was in.

On Owa's return:
He did awesome, attacking the mesh, hitting the quarterbacks on some plays. He was doing his run fits too. I can't wait till he plays some more.

On generating more of a pass rush:
We had a lot of pressure on the quarterback and an excellent pass rush, but they were rocking and throwing, one step and throwing. As far as our DL was concerned, they did a great job pass rushing. The stats might not have said it, but the film did.

On Deon Hollins:
He's holding the point extremely well. Last year was his first season, he might have been a little young, a little nervous. But all that is out of the question and he's holding it down with the big boys and it's awesome to see.

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