VIDEO: Adams on UVA, Memphis

SEP. 2 -- Ishmael Adams talked more about Saturday's performance against Virginia and being the kick-off and punt returner...

Ishmael Adams answered questions Monday.

On the secondary against Virginia:
Overall we did pretty good, other than a couple of plays. We looked good on film and executed. We're looking forward to next week and working on those plays in practice.

On adjusting to the second quarterback:
It wasn't such a big adjustment, we wanted to match up with what they had on the field and we did a great job matching up with their tight ends and receivers and we got re-routes on them and did pretty well. We just have to eliminate the big plays.

On Tahaan Goodman:
Tahaan was good, he just has to get used to it. It was his first time starting. We all had that moment. I had mine my freshman year, so I feel like he'll fix it.

On Virginia being tougher than expected:
You never want to underestimate them, but they were way better than their record was. They came out fired up and once that new quarterback came in, you could really see a perk in the team and they started challenging us downfield and had more confidence behind them and they'll be challenging some people.

On his takeaway from Virginia:
Everything you practice happens in a game. I envisioned what would happen in the game and worked on a lot of things that happened in the game. Now I know that what I do in practice will happen in a game and so you have to come out with intensity.

On Priest Willis' penalty:
I could see in his face, he was a little disappointed, but like any football player would, he put his helmet on to keep playing. I didn't shame him in any way. It happens some times and you have to take what happens and keep playing. I had a gift given to me from Owa so it made up for it.

On if he feels he's close to returning a punt:
Yes, but it all comes down to preparation. I didn't even do that much preperation for Virginia but our coaches did a great job with our scheme and now I'm seeing how I can do it multiple times.

On if he's played in a game with three defensive touchdowns:
No, that was a first but my freshman year, I remember when we played Nevada and we had a lot of turnovers and they're preaching it a lot now so we just want to practice it and it will come in the game.

On if he'll ask to play offense:
I haven't asked them yet, I'm just focusing on everything I need to do and doing what I can on defense and if they ask me to come on that side of the ball, if necessary, I feel like our offense will get it taken care of, we have a lot of ability on that side of the ball. We're going to push them for sure in practice, even harder than before. I feel like Brett is going to have his mindset to come in and do his thing. He has a great ability to do everything that everyone else can and I have faith in him.

On if the defense gave the offense grief for scoring so much:
A little bit, you have to let them know it. But, obviously, it's not going to be like that every time and obviously, we don't want it to be. As we work hard in practice, it will show up in games.

On Randall Goforth subbing in for him at punt returner:
We both have a threat back there and he did a little bit in high school as well and I acknowledge that and he played the same side of the ball as me in high school so I know his ability to take one back as well. You saw it his freshman year, on Saturday, and we take advantage of resting each other, not being gassed and stay primed and have the ability to touch the ball one time and make something happen. Me and him communicate that. Now that there is only one 3 and one 1, it makes it easier now that we don't have to worry about someone else on the field.

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