VIDEO: Hundley on Memphis Week

SEPT. 2 -- Quarterback Brett Hundley talked about the takeaways from watching the tape of the Virginia game and preparing for Memphis...

Brett Hundley answered questions from the media.

On what he was thinking on his touchdown run:
Get to the end zone. That is the name of the game. They were in cover zero. They left a gap open and I just exploited it.

On if he felt he needed to carry the offense:
Some times you just have to take off and hope for the best and will yourself into the end zone.

On if he saw that before the play:
As a quarterback, you make split second decisions and when you see the defense come down in a cover zero and they leave a gap open, you just have to take off running.

On his third down pass to Jordan Payton:
JP is my boy right there and he'll come through in the clutch no matter what. He's consistent and a great receiver and one of the best. I trust him, he trusts me and I got him the ball there and he made the catch and kept the chains moving.

On if he's confident throwing the ball to Payton in traffic:
Yeah. And that's what you look at as a quarterback, being able to throw in traffic and know your guy can go up to get the ball and come down with it.

On how he thought they looked after seeing it on film:
I thought it went well. As an offense, we still have a lot of things to work on. We did a lot of positive things and we just have to fix the negative things.

On his pocket presence:
I think it went well, watching the film, I stuck in there, made some crucial throws and it shows the maturity that I've grown through. But nothing is going to perfect and you have to fix the small things.

On if he missed Jake Brendel:
Jake is a crucial part of our offense and not many people know, but we were talking about it, I haven't taken a snap from another center since never, he's been there since Day One, but Scott got in there and did his thing and we have to fix a couple of things and get it going.

On if it was strange having Quessenberry in there at center:
It always is and I know especially for Scott, it being his first time going through it, he went through it in practice, but it wasn't live bullets, so when it comes to the games, you have to get the nerves out. That was a good game to be won for us, we came home with a W and at the end of the day, that's what mattered.

On if he noticed things on tape they didn't during the game:
We sort of noticed everything happening during the game, and understood what was going on and there are just some things you need to fix.

On what he learned:
Just that no matter what situation we're put in, we're going to fight through it. Traveling that far, 5-hour flight, time difference, nothing matters. We just have to bring home a W, no matter where we play, no matter what time.

On if they could have exploited them differently:
No, they came out and played a great game and played just what we though they were going to. They did everything we scouted.

On if the time difference was a factor:
Not really. We took off Thursday so we sort of got an adjustment to it so we had things broken down for when to sleep to get your body ready for the game time schedule so we were solid.

On if it helps to be playing at home this weekend:
Yeah, it helps us a lot. Our home opener this week and we get to play in front of our crowd.

On if the offense saw the Virginia game as a wake up call:
It's not really a wake up call, its stuff we have to learn from. Obviously, we have high expectations for ourselves and we'll be able to pull things from that game and get better.

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