VIDEO: Mora on Manfro, VIrginia

SEP. 2 -- Jim Mora talks about an apparently serious injury to Steven Manfro and the performance against Virginia...

Opening statement:
Really good work up to the end and then you saw Manfro got hurt and that put a damper on things. We hope he's ok. We'll take a look at it. Everyone is shook up and it looked serious. It changed the mood of practice. It upset everyone, when a guy of Steven's talent is hurt. Now we'll just see and hope it didn't end up as serious as it looked.

On what Manfro's injury could do to them:
I'm not going to speculate because I don't know what the extent of it.

On how the Virginia game can be helpful:
It shows you can go on the road in a tough environment and win. Our defense scored three touchdowns and our special teams scored a touchdown that got called back on a rule in place for the safety of a player, but it didn't affect the play. We have some offensive issues to clean up but we're a good football team. We played a good team and we win. Objective number one is to win. You're always going to have things to work on. I think of some games last year where we blew people out of the water and played really well and we came back to the film and were like 'gahh, we sure have a lot of things to work on.' Same thing on Sunday. But that's competitive athletics. Everyone knows that that is competing.

On what stood out from the running backs:
Perk ran hard and did a good job and I was impressed with him. He finished last year like he started this year. Hopefully he continues to build on it.

On Kenny Clark:
He was a dominant force in there and had a great game and a lot of times that was fighting off a double. For a nose to make eight tackles is unusual. Usually its the linebackers coming up and they had a lot of tackles. I think he's a dominant force and he's getting better because he works hard every day.

On what Myles Jack did differently:
Nothing, and he was more disciplined. He didn't just kind of play off of instinct, because he understands the defense better. He ran around and made a lot of plays, like last year, but with no precision. A lot has to do with like Kenny and Eddie. When the double came off, they made the play, when it came off, they made the play. Especially in the run game, that's how it's supposed to work and it looked clean.

On tempering them on the home opener:
I think it's just about the consistency of maintaining a routine. Going in to every game. We have a way we practice, a way we meet, the way we work through those 48 hours. We'll stick to that. It's always fun to play in the Rose Bowl and play in front of our crowd. The most important thing is staying in our routine.

On if it was a tough first start for Najee Toran:
It really was. You saw Najee during the course of the summer do a really nice job. I think it's a measure of a guy, the first game, he's been seeing the same things over and over. He was here for spring and then the summer. Then you get out there for your first game and it's all brand new to you. I was talking to Caleb about that and Caleb got some plays in before he was thrown in to the fire as a freshman. Najee ran in there the first play and started playing and there was no warm up for him. It showed. But he'll grow from that, big time I think.

On who stood out from making their debut:
Stood out positive? Forcing me to think. Kenny Young did ok. He had 19 plays on defense and some special teams. Right now he's not playing in nickel. For a first game he played well.

On Tahaan Goodman:
He had some good plays and he had some plays he needs to get better. But I like how he plays with passion. You try to get better every day in practice and I see that out of him.

On if they've named a backup quarterback:
We sure did.

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