VIDEO: Klemm Not Happy with OL

SEP. 2 -- OL Coach Adrian Klemm says Saturday's game was one of the worst performances he's seen on the OL ever...

On the offensive line performance:
That was probably one of the sh-----t performances I've been a part of as a player or coach. I'm disappointed. But we have to move on from it and build from it and get better.

On how much of it was because of Jake Brendel's absence:
That's the easy way out, putting it on Jake. The fact of the matter is, things happen as we've seen over the course of the last three seasons, guys come in and out. Things happen and guys have to be prepared when the opportunity comes. It's my job to prepare them. Sometimes you may think that a guy is ready and maybe he's not. You have to keep working on them and getting them better.

On if he was surprised:
Yeah, I knew we'd struggle a little with some changes we made but I didn't think it would be to the degree, the number of things we did, there are no secrets. The guys need to be able to pass things off. There are some plays we had well, but overall, it wasn't a good job by any means. It wasn't so much from a physical aspect, it was a mental aspect. Things can cause guys to get off track and it's hard to get back on track and in our offense, with tempo, its hard. We put ourselves in a situation and almost lost the game because of it, but thankfully the defense saved us.

On if first game jitters led to false starts:
No, it's overall communication. Just different things going on, some different issues. There was some noise, but not to that degree. We just have to get better and do our part and work on what we can control.

On what the communication was:
There were a number of different things that are involved in it. But again, there are no excuses, we have to get better. Everyone here is on scholarship, they're getting paid to play and when there number is called they have to be ready.

On if they ran more stunts than expected:
They actually ran less stunts than we expected. On film, they did 100% and in the game, more like 40% of the time. They only ran about three different pressures. It's one of those things that they're going to keep running it until you can stop it. We saw that against Baylor a couple years ago when we had four guys go down. They know what it is. Again, people want to blame certain individuals. You can't blame them. It could have happened to any of them. Its a learning process and we've got to get better. Like I told them, no one cares about your age, or your injury or if Jake is out. You're here for a reason and I'm here for a reason. They're a reflection of me. Things will come with some of the things I've been fortunate enough to get since I've been here, Jim taking care of me. I take it even more to heart, in terms of how we perform. We should perform at a high level every week. When things like that happen, people want to get on Noel for his play calling, well what do you want to call when it's 3rd and long 20 times a game. It falls back on our shoulders. If we're rolling, it falls back on us. We're overworked and underappreciated. But what matters, if they're not talking about us, it's a good thing. And they're talking too much about us. We need to get on track. We can't feel sorry for ourselves. We have to ball and get better every day.

On Scott Quessenberry and Najee Toran:
They struggled a little bit. Obviously, center is a difficult position to play with the calls. We've been fortunate because Brendel has taken almost every single rep the last couple of years. We haven't had to deal with that. We prepped for it. But it's different when the bullets are flying. You've got get after it. I thought he did a decent job. Like I said, it wasn't one guy, it was a combination of different things. If there is a breakdown, it's an entire group. It wasn't one guy or any one guys shoulder. There were a number of guys it could have been. We talk veterans but is Alex Redmond really a veteran at 18? We'll try to get some continuity this weekend and hopefully get better. We'll get better.

On what he told the team:
There is not much you need to tell them. I'll say what I need to say, I can't help myself. At some point, you have to be competitive. I would think to some degree, they'll know, it was a shit show. That this can't happen. I'm sorry. I told them to be honest with themselves. Don't blame anyone else. You could play a solid game but if the guy next to you didn't, then it wasn't a solid game. Hold each other accountable. There is only so much I can do. I can make adjustments, but they have to step up. I need to do a better job prepping them. I thought I did, but it obviously wasn't good enough. We just need to step it up. We're in the high performance business. We need to play at a high level every single play and we didn't do that.

On if he's seen more fire from them:
I saw a little more focus today. I still would like to, it would never be enough for me, so it can always be better. There was a lot of focus, but we were focused last week and then weren't when it mattered, so it's about carrying it over.

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