VIDEO: Clark on Virginia Performance

SEP. 3 -- Nose tackle Kenny Clark talks about the impact he made in the first game of the year...

On how often he was double-teamed:
Pretty much every play. They double teamed me every play.

On if he needs to be triple-teamed:
Nah, I'm just a normal guy doing my job.

On how much getting doubled helped the rest of the D-Line:
It helps everybody. It helps our linebackers fill the gap. It helps everybody. As long as we do our job.

On playing next to Owa for the first time:
It was cool. Owa's a great player getting off the edge. It allows me to move and get into gaps and pressure the quarterback.

On their performance against the rush:
I think it's just guys getting better. Last year we had AB, this year we have a collective group of rushers. We didn't get sacks but we pressured the quarterbacks which forced him out of the pocket and made him uncomfortable which caused the picks.

On if the scheme changed helped:
It felt good. We shaded and had Eddie in the 3-tech and he looks like a 3-tech, and I was in the 1-tech and then Eddie and Deon outside.

On Memphis:
Memphis has a good O-Line. I've only seen #71. I haven't looked at their backs. I really just saw #71. He's a good player and quick center.

On the difference in the first game:
I just had more experience and everything was slower to me and I felt more comfortable with everything. I wasn't nervous and had no jitters and was just happy to play.

On Eddie Vanderdoes:
He did great and pressured the quarterback. Eddie is Eddie, he'll make plays and knock the bars back and he's a great player.

On if the defensive line could be the biggest strength:
We can be. All of our groups are good. You just never know. All of us play as a collective group and good things start to happen, interceptions happen, we pressure quarterbacks, secondary, linebackers, it's all a collective effort.

On if it felt like a collective effort:
It just felt like everyone was on point and on their highest level and just excited. It was all good experience and see us all at our best and be out there and excited and we're looking forward to playing Memphis this week.

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