VIDEO: Hollins on Pass Rush

SEP. 3 -- Rush end Deon Hollins talks about his good game against the Cavaliers and his role going forward...

On if it was his best game:
Yes sir. It was fun to get out there and run around and prove what I can do.

On when he knew he'd start:
It was more a personnel thing. I know what I can do. It was pretty much the spur of the moment thing.

On if the tackle was getting jumpy:
Yeah, first quarter, we were feeling each other out, the rest of the game, it was getting after it.

On if he's seen Memphis:
Yes, they're a pretty good team. But we'll have a good game plan and be ready for it.

On his impressions of their offensive line:
I think they do a good job of position blocking. They like to get their playmakers in space. The onus is on us to stay out there and stay in our gaps.

On how much he studies a quarterback:
I just go out there and play football. Anything I can get a handle on, like snap count, that.

On if he's been told if he'll see more plays:
We'll get in to that later in the week.

On playing 58 snaps:
I felt pretty good out there. It was like my first time getting extended snaps. It was on me to get it feeled out and get the first game jitters out.

On how much more comfortable he was this year:
A ton more. I remember last year, I was messing up on calls and was pretty swamped. This game, I just calmed down, had a good talk with my dad, prayed, talked to my mom right after. I felt pretty good.

On how proud his dad was:
A ton. My family, they stick behind me and support me as much as they possibly can. They were ecstatic. My dad was like 'good job, man, that's what I know you can do, good job.'

On if he felt his size didn't make a difference:
I love when people go out and underestimate me. Not to say he did, but for anyone that goes against me, I hope and pray they underestimate me. I'm not the biggest, but if you watch the film, I'm holding my ground and making plays.

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