VIDEO: Ulbrich on Defensive Performance

SEP. 3 -- Defensive coordinator Jeff Ulbrich talks about how the defense did against Virginia...

On the defensive line:
They played their asses off. For not bringing much pressure, they were winning. They were affecting the quarterback. That was our goal going in, affect the quarterback. Sacks are overrated. Sometimes in order to get sacks, you have to do selfish things. Passing up the quarterback, losing contain, but they were committed to working together as a group of four.

On if the front seven have come along fast:
They took a step in the right direction for sure. Where they need to be? Not yet. Learning this defense, understanding, you can't have that mentality where you struggle 'I have to make every play' but learning that, we're going to be tough.

On if they tried to bring extra pressure:
Every week is going to be unique. I've said it already but they protected a lot. It was a deal where you bring pressure, they have enough hats for you. They have enough hates for the rush, you sacrifice that body in the backfield.

On how Kenny Clark opens things:
They'll see him on film and see how productive he was and when they focus on him, it will be someone else's turn.

On Deon Hollins performance:
He just has to continue to get better. He applied a ton of pressure. I imagine that tackle from Virginia will have a few dreams about him in the wrong way. He did a great job and that was really his first opportunity to start and play a substantial amount and I thought he made the most of his reps.

On if he knew what he wanted his defense to look like right when he was hired:
No, I think for all defensive players who love this game, and I think especially linebackers, you're in the middle of it, even as a player, I had an idea that if I ever had the reins of a defense, what I wanted it to look like and feel like. When the casual fan watches us, our brand will be that obvious.

On how similar his defense is to the defense he played in San Francisco:
Over ten years, I was probably in six or seven defenses. A little bit of each, a little bit of everything we've done here. Kind of a smorgasbord.

On if there is a defensive line he remembers that is similar to the one he has now:
There were some D-Line's early on in San Francisco, Bryant Young, I equate him to a guy like Kenny Clark, selfish, tough, comes to work every day and plays his ass off. Edge rusher-wise, we had a guy, Andre Carter, guys that can get off the edge. Andre to me is similar to Owa. Then we had Julian Peterson who was like Deon. And Dana Stubblefield, who has a lot of Eddie Vanderdoes to him.

On how different Saturday was in his first game at DC:
I loved it. It was fun. We had 89 plays, really 91 plays with the two penalties. An opportunity to call it. I'll say this, I have Coach Meat on the headset with me, Coach Mora, Coach Angus, Coach Tui, getting feedback during the whole game and I think we called it and did a fairly good job working together.

On the importance of a defensive line in a defense:
They complement each other. A great front seven is going to complement a secondary, a great secondary is going to complement a front seven. You'd obviously like the complete package, but it is nice when you get to start with that man in the middle. I've said it before, and I'll say it again, Kenny Clark is the perfect guy to build a defense around.

On what he's seen from Memphis:
They're everything. Holy smokes. They'll run everything you see out here from our option, but then load option, speed option, triple option. It's a lot to prepare for. They do a nice job.

On how much they'll prepare for the option:
A lot, that is something we'll have to spend a lot of time on. That's kind of the equalizer in college football. A team that maybe doesn't have equal talent, they can give you some fits in the option.

On if it's difficult to evaluate a team after a blowout:
They score a lot of points and they'll come in here with some confidence. They have a quarterback with some confidence and an offensive line who works his butt off. Their quatrterback is a big tall joker with good vision. For as much as they do, he has great command of the offense. He's going to be a great challenge for us.

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