VIDEO: Vanderdoes on Three-Tech

SEP. 3 -- Eddie Vanderdoes talks about playing alongside Owa and Kenny Clark against UVA...

On how the first game went:
Game one went well. Defensively, we looked really good and were in touch with each other and had a lot of trust in the defense and everything was rolling the way it's supposed to. Going back, watching the film, we still have lots to work on.

On playing the three-tech again:
It's lovely, I love playing the three-tech. It's more my natural position. I love being able to attack and knock back and make a negative play.

On if he could tell right away they were in better position to succeed right away as a defensive line:
Oh yeah. Not just because the defense as a whole has advanced and experienced, having Owa back, and having Kenny Clark, just the whole defensive line is coming back along from last year.

On playing next to Owa:
Oh man, it's amazing playing next to Owa. It's nice having the pocket collapse for the quarterback to come up.

On how much Kenny Clark affects the run game:
It's awesome having Kenny Clark in the middle. They know he's there and they still run it and it's stupid to do that.

On if the defense can be the identity of the team:
Going in to this year, we wanted to earn the respect in the eyes of others as a defense. We had some doubts with Anthony, Jordan and Cassius gone. We had a chip on our shoulder to come out and prove we're better than last year.

On how to stop the Memphis run game:
Stay in our gaps. Simple as that. Don't get washed. Use our technique Coach Angus gives us.

On the Memphis offensive line:
They're big. Their tackle is I think 6-6, 6-7, 325. Their guards are 280, their center is 6-4. They have good size across the board and a physical offensive line.

On how tough it is to stop the option:
To be honest, I have no clue. If we all do our assignments, it doesn't change much. We'll just align our adjustments, stay in our gaps.

On the UCLA offensive line's response:
They've been a lot more physical. They've been physical, but they're finishing blocks. That wasn't their game. What we see in practice is their game and that wasn't it on Saturday. They're one of the best offensive lines I face. They're going to get it this week, we're not really worried about it. Coach Klemm and the core leaders will get adjusted and it's not going to happen again.

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