VIDEO: McClure on D-Line Performance

SEP. 5 -- Defensive line coach Angus McClure talks about Owa's return and the changes in the defensive front...

On the defensive line's effectiveness:
I think our guys used great technique against Virginia. They were getting the ball out about 1.5 seconds, our guys did a nice job of condensing the pocket, we used a lot of 3-4 man pressures. They did a nice job.

On if he's able to do more with the DL this year:
We have excellent depth. I feel comfortable putting all three sets in. They all have individual talents. Collectively, we're a physical group with great fundamentals and great energy.

On if Owa picked up where he left off in 2012:
Yes he did. Owa was really improving towards the end of that season and understanding our system. He's done a great job and been tremendous in the offseason. He really mixed in with the other guys on our defensive line.

On if he keeps raising expectations for Kenny Clark:
Kenny is one of those kids who's intrinsically motivated. He wants to be the best he can be. I don't have problems motivating Kenny Clark. He comes ready to work every day. He's out early for pre-practice, he stays after practice to get extra work and he just wants to be great. He's on a great incline.

On how much Ulbrich highlighted the DL for the defense's success:
It was very important. Not that we've changed a lot of our styles, in a lot of ways we have. We've done some things different up front that's taken advantage of the talent we have on the defensive line and it's showing.

On Matt Dickerson and Jacob Tuioti-Mariner's first game:
Matt and Jacob, I thought did a very good job. Being on the road, first college game ever. Both were 100% on their assignments. Matt had some great pass rush moves. I put him in there on some third downs and he's got two good moves that are hard to stop and he got pressure both times on third down and he was impressive. And Jacob, he's a natural pass rusher. I'd like to see him play a little more this week. I probably played Owa too much, but when you have a great player on the field, it's hard to pull him off. But I'd like to get Jacob in the mix a little more.

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