Friday Practice: News, Notes & Quotes

Mike Seidman looks like he was never operated on, other starters sit out, and the depth chart is released...

Probably the most profound development of Friday's practice was tight end Mike Seidman's apparent complete health. Limping just a few days ago, Seidman practiced Friday and looked like a spry deer out there, showing no effects of a knee scope just a couple of weeks ago. This is particularly good news, a little over a week before the Alabama game, making it look pretty certain that Seidman will be able to play substantially.

The second most important development of the day was the release of the depth chart. You can find it in its entirety at the Official Site. There is nothing really particularly shocking, but some developments of note.

Probably the most worrisome: Lack of depth at offensive line. The linebackers now look relatively deep, with Mat Ball getting the starting call at strongside linebacker, backed up by Brandon Chillar and Tim Warfield. In the defensive backfield, there's no surprise that Matt Ware is listed as the starter at one corner, but fellow freshmen Jibril Raymo and Matt Clark also made the chart, at third-string strong safety and third-string left cornerback, respectively. Interestingly, Joe Hunter is listed at #2 on the depth chart at both corner positions.

The wide receiver rotation looks pretty well established, with Brian Poli-Dixon and Tab Perry as starters, Ryan Smith and Craig Bragg their immediately back-ups, and Devon Reese and Cody Joyce the third string.

Also, walk-on Garrett Lepisto has won the starting holder position.

Health Status:

Robert Thomas sat out most of practice.

Marques Anderson practiced in very limited drills.

Brandon Chillar practiced on a limited basis.

Joe Hunter was dressed, but practiced on a limited basis.

Tab Perry injury his knee slightly and sat out the second-half of practice.

Freshman defensive back Matt Clark didn't practice.

Freshman running back Jason Harrison left practice with his shoulder wrapped, in obvious pain. His status was unknown.

Wide receiver Ryan Smith again looked very good at practice, as he has all of fall camp. He and Craig Bragg caught long passes for TDs in the 11-on-11 drills. Cody Joyce also has been looking good in practice.

Some respect has to be given to senior safety Jason Stephens. After four years of being in and out of the doghouse for questionable effort, Stephens is one of the most focused, hustling players on the squad. And his play has vastly improved.

Another walk-on joined the team this week. Brett Mitchell, a 5-8 wide receiver from La Canada St. Francis is now on the squad. While very small, Mitchell is extremely quick and elusive.

Tight end/defensive end prospect Jesse Taylor from West Hills (Calif.) Chaminade was at the afternoon practice session.


Head Coach Bob Toledo comments…

On a few key players not particpating in Friday's practice…

"We just held a few guys out, Robert Thomas, Perry. They're a little leg weary, dead. Tab has a little tendinitis, and they're a little sore, so we're a little compassionate."

On the quality of Friday's practice…

"It wasn't a great practice today. It was like pulling teeth out here today. But I understand it. I'll put up with it one time, but I won't put up with it again."

On Mike Seidman looking good...

"Yeah, he's got some fresh legs, and that's the difference. The other guys are leg-weary, tired and beat up. And they need a little time off now. We won't practice very long tomorrow. Do more of a walk-through than anything else. Won't make them run. Then they'll have Sunday off and we'll come back and get back to work again."

On how Kenyon Coleman looks…

"Really good. He hasn't missed a day. He's worked extremely hard. He's improved, and I think he's doing an outstanding job."

On who will travel to Alabama…

"We don't have to make a 60-man roster until the Oregon State game, so we can take as many as we want to Alabama. We'll probably take 84 players to Alabama. I'll take all the freshmen scholarship players. That's something I promised them in recruiting. I think it will be a great opportunity, to go into a hostile environment on the road."

On depth at offensive line…

"You can never have enough. You know, everyone says, ‘You're loaded,' but you never have enough. We have all those freshmen that will redshirt probably."

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