VIDEO: Ulbrich After Memphis

SEP. 7 -- Defensive coordinator Jeff Ulbrich talks about the defensive performance against Memphis...

Jeff Ulbrich talks about the struggles against Memphis:

On the defensive issues:
I thought tackling was what jumped out to me. That's not like us. We've been such a good tackling defense. That surprised me. I think schematically, I probably made it a little too simple this week. I didn't have enough answers for guys. I'll put that one me and continue to improve on that and give them more answers and give them more opportunites to be succesful.

On if there were things in Memphis' misdirection that they didn't show on film:
A little bit. They definitely pulled out the kitchen sink for us, but that's good, they played a hell of a game. That's a talented offense and I can see them score a lot of points this year. Their coaches did a great job. I'll say this, our guys, at the end, found a way to win. It wasn't pretty, but they found a way at the end.

On the secondary:
They look good. The thing is, we have to mix it up, I have to mix it up as a play caller and give them more variety and be less predictable and help them be more successful. What I started to see in the second half especially and I'll put that on me and we'll get better.

On the lack of the pass rush:
I still think we're effecting the quarterback. You see Deon and he's burning that edge. You see Owa, and guys getting a push. It's funny with sacks. It's one of those things where people respect our front that they're committed to the quick game and the run game and you don't see a whole lot of drop back pass against us where that's the opportunity to get to them. I've got a feeling that the sacks will come in bunches because we've got the right guys and the right scheme.

On if getting the first sack took some weight off:
Honestly, I don't put a ton of weight into sacks. I looked last year, the sacks sometimes come at the expense of the defense. You do some things that are out of the scheme of the defense and allow quarterbacks to scramble, but we're committed ot the pocket and keeping them in the pocket.

On if missed tackles are surprising:
Yeah, because we've been such a good tackling team, with a good understanding of leverage and play entryand working together on tackles. At the end of the day, I'm going to help them with the calls to help them with all that. I put that on me.

On why bad tackling happens:
We'll see. Sometimes it's the call, maybe they get out-leveraged because the call wasn't good enough. Sometimes they leave their feet. Sometimes it's play entry, they're not tracking the right hip, they're not entering with the right leverage. There are a lot of things that go in to missed tackles.

On what areas need to improve:
Schematically, I try to put it on me always. Giving them a little more variety and we've had that. We've had a few wrinkles here and there that become a little less predictable and give them opportunities to be successful.

On if he's worried:
No, it doesn't because I know the guys we've got and they're committed to it and want to be great and have the ability to be great and we'll just help them be great when it comes down to it.

On how much Memphis' scheme affected them:
I think they threw a lot more at us. We saw that on film and that's what they're known to do. Going to last year's film, they took UCF to the last play and that was a BCS team, and they took Louisville, who was the No. 7 team when they played, took them to the fourth quarter. They took some good teams to the fourth quarter. They're a talented team and they pose a lot of problems for you because they do so much. It's kind of that feast/famine deal. It comes down to me and I have to help them and that's more variety and more options.

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