VIDEO: Hundley After Memphis

SEP. 7 -- Brett Hundley talks about his offensive line and the improved offensive output...

Brett Hundley talks after the Memphis game:

On his pick-six:
It's just a part of the game. You have to go out and play another down. I wasn't really yelling. Went back to the sideline, talked about it for a second, got back on the field and scored a touchdown.

On if he said anything inspiring:
Nah, I said 'men, have some fun.' I did say, 'stuff happens' but I used another word. But we've got to go out there and live to play another play.

On the offense:
I think everything went pretty well today. We still have some stuff to clean up, offense and defense. But for the most part, when we put together a solid game from the offense and defense and special teams, we can be a special team. We hamper ourselves with penalties and mental lapses, but we can be a great team.

On the expectations for the team from the outside:
We have high expectations as a team. Outside has high expectations as well. As I like to put it, we have our own opinion, we know what we can do and we're going to do.

On the difference on offense:
We had fun. We did throw the ball better. Last week we came out tight, this week, we said screw it.

On the running game:
It helps a lot. We had some fun throwing the ball, but when you're able to run the ball, it helps out the passing game. We had a good game plan going into the game.

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