VIDEO: Perkins on First Start

SEP. 8 -- Paul Perkins talks about getting his first start and the improved offensive line...

Paul Perkins talks about his first start against the Memphis Tigers:

On the offense:
The whole team knows we have stuff to improve on. A lot of minor stuff that turned out to be big stuff. We have to go in to film tomorrow and adjust it.

On getting the start:
It felt good. Just another game to me to go out and perform. It felt good to be back there with Brett, like old times. I had a lot of fun, as coach stresses.

On running through bigger holes this week:
The line did a great job this week, and I'm sure they'll keep building off it, but they did a great job going in to Texas.

On establishing the run early:
The offense is predicated around the run game, so if the run game is working, the passing game opens. As you saw, Brett threw it well, and the run game helped the pass game.

On developing the past two weeks:
I've just been trying to perfect my craft, read defenses better, pick up blitzes, bust to the hole and make plays when I could.

On the teams composure after Memphis tied it:
KNowing not to get too low or too high. We're veterans with an old team and had been here. Next play mentality.

On running up the middle:
Probably the scheme of the defense, we just have to watch the film.

On the offensive line:
I thought they did good last week and I think the offense helped and it gave the o-line confidence.

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