VIDEO: Payton on Big Game

SEP. 7 -- Jordan Payton talks about his big game against Memphis on Saturday...

Jordan Payton talks about his play against Memphis and what the mood of the team is right now:

On the key to his performance:
Study. Doing a lot of what the defense is showing, tendencies, and working with Brett. Staying positive and focused.

On breaking tackles:
That's definitely credit to Coach Alosi, his great offseason program. It definitely got me going and I bought it 100%. Definitely credit it to him and getting that upper body strength.

On scoring more on offense:
Things just came together. We haven't put a full game together as a team, not to discredit Memphis, they played well, but we left mistakes on the field. I'm excited for this team because you get to go through that early and later down the stretch, have those things ironed out and we have some things to correct and we'll get it done for sure.

On if this is the offense they were planning on:
I think so. I think you guys saw last year, the high-powered offense we are, it's definitely fun to play. That's how it is in this offense, it's a joy to be out there and rev it up. We're definitely excited about this week, it's a big game and a big stage.

On becoming the go-to receiver:
That's kind of what I've been bred to do and what every receiver has been bred to. You want the ball at all times, and I definitely took that from Shaq, that's the way he plays and I look at him as a mentor.

On the team's mentality after the first two games:
It's a win. You can sit here and talk about all the bad things that happened but at the end of the day, we walk away with a W. I look back at the old teams, and I saw the Patriots, in 2004, they had six games they won by less than four points and won the Super Bowl. Not saying that's going to be the outcome, but sometimes, you go through tough times in the beginning and iron it out and now you know how to play tight games, what's expected from each other and help things out later down the road.

On if this win feels different from Virginia:
For me, I always look at the group and the offense and the whole team, but I'm not sure. I feel that since I'm so competitive, a win is a win, but i have to look at the film and see what was different. I'm not really sure, that's a tough question.

On winning by narrow margins:
I think that the offense played extremely well in the first half. Obviously, we saw the defense struggle, like the offense did last week. Second half, I think both offense was up, defense was up, offense was down, defense was down. We have to iron that out. 42 points is a lot of points. It's definitely a positive sign. We just have to put out a full game. Special teams struggled and that's usually our go-to, so we'll look at it.

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