VIDEO: Jack at Running Back

SEP. 7 -- Myles Jack talks about the defensive performance and getting his first carries of the year...

Myles Jack discusses the defensive showing and when he knew he'd be running the ball this week:

On his touchdown:
It was just the offensive line moving guys and I'm just getting behind them. I don't take much credit for a four-yard touchdown run. That was really the offensive line, that was them.

On the defensive effort:
It could have been better. I could have made plays in certain areas and missed opportunities. I'll definitely look at the film and see where I can get better.

On if he knew he'd play offense ahead of time:
For sure, they told me to be ready. They didn't know when or what type of situation, but just to be ready.

On what Polamalu said to him after his touchdown:
He was talking about the first run, the first run I was supposed to bounce it, but I was so excited to get it in my hand, I just ran right up the middle and got tackled. He just told me, see what happens when you follow your blockers.

On if Polamalu was telling him to be his running back all the time:
No, I don't think he said that.

On if he feels like he can diagnose the offense more:
I feel like I know what I'm doing, it's my second year in the offense. It felt good to be back there. It was fun again. Playing with the offensive line you go up against every week was cool.

On the win:
Memphis was a tough team. And they've said we're playing the toughest schedule in the nation. So we just have to come out and do our best. Teams are going to give us their best and we have to match that intensity. It's a win and we're happy about it, but there is plenty to work on, which is the beauty of it. It's not our best by any means.

On if others are raising the bar because of their high ranking:
I don't necessarily think that's it, they're coming out to play like we're coming out to play. They played a great game and it came down to the wire.

On the difference in defense:
There was no real difference, we simplified things more. They made plays, and we made plays. It's the way things work out. Us as players, we have to make plays. It's really on us. We have to look at the film and put the onus on us.

On if there was a specific point they found it harder to adjust:
We knew coming in they would give us misdirection. They just made plays and gave us looks we didn't see on film. We have to adjust as players. We'll be better and get better and be back next week. No panic.

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