VIDEO: Duarte after Memphis

SEP. 8 -- Thomas Duarte talks about his big game receiving and the overall improvement on offense...

Thomas Duarte talks about why the offense was improved on Saturday:

On his two touchdowns:
There is a first for everything. It felt like a dream. It really did. Everything was just going right.

On if he felt the work paid off:
Definitely. Especially the little things, technique, being patient on your routes, you notice it.

On if he felt under utilized as a freshman:
Not at all. As a freshman, my goal was to come in and learn as much as I can and contribute as much as I can, and I felt like I did that last year. I feel like I've grown as a player since then and it's paying off.

On what worked on the touchdowns:
It was in the gameplan. Coach Mazzone called great plays and that's what they're designed to do. I just make it work.

On the offense this week:
We just toned down, we're at home, in our environment, where we thrive. Over there, little things got to us, we were uptight, and little things go to us, barking at each other. We fixed it up, calmed down, played relaxed and had a lot of fun.

On the vibe in the stadium:
It's big, the momentum is everything to us. It gets us going, we know we have support, you can turn to your left, right, anywhere you want, and you see UCLA Bruins.

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