VIDEO: Walker on the Catch

SEP. 8 -- Speedy receiver Kenny Walker talked about coming back from sitting out last year and getting more playing time..

Kenny Walker answered questions from the media Monday.

On his touchdown catch:
It was practice and preparation, coming back from the injury and determination. During the play, during practice the whole week, it was 'you run all post routes' and I was like 'ok, thats an easy thing to do, run full speed and catch the ball. So during the game, they called me up and said 'your play is coming up so be ready.' Everyone on the sidelines is coming up and saying 'you better catch the ball, don't drop it,' so the nerves were flaring up. So just catch the ball no matter what. I took off as fast as I can and for a minute, I couldn't see the ball because of the lights but then I saw the ball dropping from my right shoulder and put my hands up and caught the ball and ran into the end zone.

On if he bobbled it:
Yeah, I'm not going to lie, there kind of was. A lot of people asked me 'yeah, I caught the ball the first time,' but there was a little bobble.

On when he knew he had the DB beat:
From the beginning, I knew it was coming, and when I saw cover four, I knew I just had to weave to the outside.

On if he wanted to get in every play:
Not really, I needed to sit down, I got too excited. I actually had, the plan was to throw me three post routes, but it didn't work out. I'm not disappointed though because I'm 1-for-62 for the season.

On how it helps his confidence:
It boosts my confidence a lot, because going into the game, I was like 'hey, I know I'm going to get the ball' but I haven't been in front of all these people for a few years, the fans, so I could either show up, or not show up, so catch the ball and get a touchdown.

On if it was a relief:
I still have a lot to do but yeah, it was a lot of relief. We still have a lot of season left. Now the coaches are expecting big things from me, so I have to convincingly prepare for Texas.

On if he was thinking of a play like that while he sat out 2013:
Yeah, I was. I'm not going to lie, I was. I have a lot more to come, but I just have to stay humble, keep connecting with Brett and catch the ball.

On if he's hoping to do more than catch posts:
I'm hoping. I may catch some screens here and there. I'm going to talk to the coaches to see what I can do, but honestly, I want to get the ball a lot.

On if he played more:
Yeah, one time, and I ran a post. It was double coverage and I still got open. That's when Thomas got the ball when he was wide open. I just have to stay humble and stay focused.

On if it's hard to focus when you may only have 1-2 plays:
I scored so I don't really care.If that was my last play, I was fine with it.

On what he's seen from Texas:
From what I've seen, they oplay a lot of man coverage, they play off man coverage, about 8-yards and that could be easy to get open.

On if there could be more posts in his future:
Hopefully. I want to run a slant, that's my favorite route. I can run right down the middle and score.

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