VIDEO: Hundley on Texas Week

SEP. 8 -- The quarterback talked more about Memphis and going to Texas to face the Longhorns..

Brett Hundley answered questions from the media Monday.

On how much better week two was:
It was a lot better. Week one wasn't bad, there were just some things we had to clean up, but we came out and put it together as a group, the receivers got open, I made some throws.

On if he noticed a difference with Jake Brendel at center:
Yeah. I keep saying it but we came in together and I haven't really taken snaps from anyone else since my freshman year. He's been the only guy I've ever really worked with. It was the first time he wasn't there for me, and wasn't working with me and me with him. It was a little different. But having him back, and having that leadership role, it really does help a lot.

On his touchdown pass to Kenny Walker:
It's just like happened in practice. You play like you practice and we did that exact throw in practice. Kenny Walker is fast. He's a fast receiver and we knew he could beat defenses over the top. The O-Line gave me a good amount of time back there and I made the throw.

On how it felt to get a big throw like that out of the way:
It was really nice. We'd been working on that all week. To see it happen in the game makes it that much better.

On if it loosened him up:
Nah, I felt loose going in and the offense was working smooth before that.

On the touchdown throw to Thomas Duarte, moving a bit in the pocket:
It was just a small little roll out to get a little flow and run action. We do stuff to protect other plays. It helped to get us out of the pocket and restructure a little and you saw it was a clean pocket and Duarte got open for us.

On Thomas Duarte:
He's turned in to a great receiver for us. Obviously, he had that hamstring problem at first, but as you see as it's healing, he's going to become a bigtime weapon for us. You could tell it was bothering him and not moving as fast, but now you see him out there and he's real smooth how he runs and finds a way to get open like Jordan Payton.

On Kenny Walker:
It was huge for him and the dividends paid off. He's always on me to go in to the film room and studying so he's put in a lot of work and I'm glad it paid off for him. It was my first touchdown pass of the year so I was happy for him.

On how much more he wants Myles Jack on offense:
To be honest, I like him on defense. He's a great defensive player for us. When he's in the backfield, to let him do what he does, not have to worry about any reads, I just hand him the bell.

On if he's thrown Jack a pass yet:
Nope, but that may be another wrinkle.

On if he's still telling Jack the plays:
Yes. Watch the game film, you'll see.

On how much he and Jack worked in the offseason:
Zero. Myles is a freak of nature, you tell him to go left or right, and he'll find a whole.

On if Jack is running the ball because of ineffectiveness at running back:
No, Paul Perkins is doing a great job. So is Jordon James. It's just sort of a change of pace with Myles in there and his power running and speed. He's a good back for us and when he gets in the game, he does special things.

On if he's confident on a 3rd and 1 and Jack is in the game:
Yeah, basically, it's automatic.

On how much development he's seen from Paul Perkins:
So much. So much. Obviously taking on that starting role, he's come a long way. Just back to our Chandler days. Obviously, we've played together since high school and having that chemistry back there helps a lot. He's grown so much and he's going to be an amazing back for us.

On if they ever talked about playing together in college when they were in high school:
No, we never even thought about it. But I'm glad to have him back here at UCLA and I'm glad to be playing with him again.

On how long they played together:
I grew up with Paul together, but we played just two years together. Our families were always together.

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