VIDEO: Adams, Payton on Texas Week

SEP. 9 -- The receiver and defensive back talk about the Memphis tape and what they see on tape from Texas...

Jordan Payton:

On what they saw on film from Memphis game:
They're a really good defense. Not enough people gave them credit. We on this team gave them credit. We did the things we wanted to do in the first half and struggled in the second half. I liked the position we played and how we played it. We fixed some mistakes from the Virginia game. We saw some good things. Kenny Walker came out and showed you guys what he can do this season. It's going to be a great game against Texas.

On how important it was for the offense's confidence:
It was huge for us. Like anything in life, you make a mistake, you don't want to make it again. We learned from our mistakes and we put up 42 points and we definitely think we could have put up more. We're happy with the win and where we are, fixing these mistakes and still being 2-0. It's going to be a great game against Texas and we can't wait for them.

On what he's seen on film from Texas:
From the stuff I saw this morning, it's Texas. They do everything big over there. They have great players, with great defensive ends and corners that are big. Being a Cali kid, I never really get to play against anyone from Texas. You have to beat a great defense.

On the drops by the receivers:
We have to get on the ball machines a lot more. I definitely saw it too. Lack of focus on all of our parts. We have to get that ready for this week and can't make those same mistakes against Texas.

Ishmael Adams:

On some secondary breakdowns:
We could have done a lot better and were in position to make plays, and it comes down to making them. We know what we need to do. We've done what we should but we haven't taken it to the level we need to and the level we can. We'll get prepared this week all week to be ready for that for Texas.

On if it was a scheme or execution issue:
They've always put us in a position where we can make plays. I felt like as if we were. I know I missed some tackles and this week I won't miss tackles.

On how much they were in man coverage:
We started out in it a lot. It comes down to the players being in condition to play as much man as we want. We have the ability. We have to be prepared throughout the season to go into the Pac-12. The grind never stops We can't take away the offseason and what we worked on.

On catches being made on the secondary:
It hurts to get a catch on you as a DB. When a catch comes, there are some times you know you have to make those plays. You don't want to hurt the coverage by trying to make a play on someone else's play, so you just keep working and be in position.

On what Randall Goforth's absence could mean:
We'll miss a great tackler, person who always knows where he's supposed to be and always reliable. Others will have to step up. I'll have to step up and be in the right position at all times so they know I'm in the right position. It's an altogether effort to make things better and make the old engine run.

On the young safeties:
I feel like Tahaan has proven himself through camp. There is going to come a time he'll have to step and be in the position to do so. With the other guys, it comes down to who Coach Meat wants in there.

On facing a dual-threat quarterback:
It's meant for us to cover so we have to work on coverage best we can. We have to get back there and help contain him.

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