VIDEO: Kendricks on Bouncing Back

SEP. 10 -- Senior linebacker Eric Kendricks talked about learning from the Memphis game mistakes leading into Texas...

Eric Kendricks answered questions from the media for Texas week.

On watching Memphis tape:
We definitely learned a lot. They have a complex offense and we learned a ton from it. We saw the little mistakes that led to big mistakes. For the most part, it's done and we're ready for Texas.

On what he thought of his performance:
I feel like my effort was there, but my technique wasn't always right and my assignment wasn't always correct. So I'm just going to work on it harder this week in practice and get it right.

On if there were mental lapses:
Oh yeah, absolutely. With being tired, mental lapses come, especially with the tempo. With the fast tempo offense and motion, we had some mental lapses, but we'll get that fixed.

On if he thought they weren't prepared:
No, I think we just got out of what our assignment was. I put the blame on myself and i'm sure my teammates do as well. Like I said, all we have is practice and move on from here before, so I'm ready for Texas.

On if he's watched any Texas film:
Oh absolutely, they have some big boys up front. Double tight ends, things like that, they have a lot of great talent and it's going to be a challenge.

On Tyrone Swoopes:
He's a Texas boy, a great athlete, just like all the other athletes on the field. He's a competitor and there to win. I'm going to prepare for him like any other quarterback.

On getting things on track:
I feel like we're not concerned with the Pac-12, more concerned with what we have ahead of us and we try to make improvements based on what we have next. We just need to stay on schedule and make those improvements.

On if there was a vibe in the locker room after the Memphis game:
Absolutely, we hold ourselves to a high standard and me and my teammates are going to be working hard to maintain that standard.

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