VIDEO: Massington on Injury, Texas

SEP. 9 -- Receiver Eldridge Massington talks about returning to his home state to play Texas this week...

Eldridge Massington answered questions from the media.

On how he feels:
Great. I'm ready to go. Really just rehabbing and doing what the doctors tell me to do.

On if he watched the play he got hurt:
I did. I thought they were going to throw the flag, but it's cool, it's football. It's a rough sport. Stuff happens. I wasn't mad or anything. I laughed it off.

On if he's frustrated after working his way back:
No, it's not frustrating. It is what it is. I'm not tripping. We got the win, that's all I really care about.

On if he realized it wasn't that serious:
At first, I thought it was serious, but once I started walking around, I was like 'I'll be good, just give me a couple days.'

On if they should have beat Memphis by more:
That stuff doesn't matter. Memphis has a great team, with a great defense and a lot of seniors. They've been playing together for a long time. The score might not have said what it should have said, but they're a great team.

On if the Texas trip is a special one for him:
Nah, same as any other game. It's just another game I have to play.

On how many family members he'll have at the game:
A lot. I'll have quite a few. Probably, I don't even know. Everyone is hitting me up, seeing if they can come to the game. And I'm just trying to get everybody there. I don't know. That's something I have to talk to the coaches about.

On if he's played in AT&T Stadium before:
Yeah, playoff game my sophomore year. I've played their twice.

On if he's tried to tell his teammates what the stadium is like:
I tell them it's just another game but in the Cowboys Stadium. Jerry's World. Just watching it on the jumbotron. It's Jerry's World, once you get there, you'll be amazed, but once you start playing, it's still just football.

On what he's seen from Texas:
They have a good defense. Their D-Line is pretty good, their secondary is experienced. They have a new coach so they have a new mindset from the past few years. I can't wait to play them.

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