VIDEO: Brendel on O-Line Improvement

SEP. 9 -- Veteran center Jake Brendel talked about the offensive line getting better in the last few weeks, and going home to play in Texas...

Jake Brendel answered questions after Tuesday's practice.

On watching the Virginia game from the sideline:
We're past the Virginia game. Really, I was just trying to be a second coach for the offensive line.

On what he sees in Texas' defensive line:
Texas has a pretty good defensive line. They're all pretty big and strong. We have to be disciplined and on our assignments and everyone has to be on the same page.

On being a road team in a neutral site game:
It doesn't really matter to us if we're home or away. We play our game. We'll always prepare like it's a home game or an away game. It's just football.

On how he feels:
Good. If I do sit out, it's something I've done 1,000 times before.

On how many tickets he's been asked for:
Only a couple, but there are always some friends who want to see me play.

On if he's looking forward to playing in Texas:
Definitely, it's always nice to come back to Dallas. It's a great place to play football and a great place to live.

On if he considered Texas:
A little but I didn't get an offer from them.

On if he's played at AT&T Stadium before:
I played there in high school in the playoffs. It's impressive. Just the whole stadium and atmosphere, especially when full. It's a great atmosphere, but my focus is on the field.

On the interior offensive line:
It's going well. Especially if we're in our silent snap count, we pretty much have three centers out there. Making sure we're all on the same page. I think it was a little of a different feeling, but it felt fluid in both games. In the pass game we were more successful.

On if it was frustrating sitting out for Virginia:
A little bit, but at the same time, i played my role for that day and that was to supplement Coach Klemm's coaching.

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