VIDEO: Hollins on Pass Rush

SEP. 10 -- Linebacker Deon Hollins talked about getting more pressure on opposing quarterbacks and returning to his home state this Saturday...

Deon Hollins answered questions from the media Tuesday.

On if it's significant to be playing in Texas:
Absolutely, I'm going to have my whole family coming out, I'm going back home, it should be wonderful.

On how many tickets he requested:
Lets just say, 20-30 is not enough. The whole family. Friends. I'm excited.

On his motivation playing in Texas:
We try to come out and have the same intensity every week, but since this is Texas, there is a little something inside my heart, my family out watching me. It's the same intensity but it's definitely revved up a bit.

On his recruitment by Texas:
They recruited me of course, but I just felt here they gave me a little more love.

On if he was looking to get away from home:
Just trying to get the right opportunity for me, school wise and football wise. I think a degree from Texas is pretty good, but coming to UCLA, I can be more global. Do exactly what I want to do. And football wise, come in with Jim Mora and his staff that's doing something fresh, something I wanted to be a part of.

On his performance against Memphis:
I graded out pretty well. I left a couple plays on the field, but we got them corrected.

On how much they're itching to get sacks:
There are a lot of plays we left on the field. EK got one. It's a matter of time. We've been doing a good job of pressuring the quarterback from the pocket. It's only a matter of time.

On if he's frustrated more with the pressure against Memphis than Virginia:
Not too much. I think my first half was quieter than my second half, so I have to do a better job getting started faster.

On if they're using more stunts this week:
We're staying simple, do what we do. I don't feel we have to invent anything, just play with our proper technique.

On Tyrone Swoopes:
We have to keep things square. He's definitely a guy who can make plays with his leg. We knew that coming out, watching his highlight tape. Even what he showed last week. The onus is on us to not make up things, just do what we have to do.

On Swoopes' running style:
He's more explosive with his movements, so we definitely have to stay square or he'll make us look silly.

On Texas' offensive line:
Their tackles play with good technique, good splits, and they challenge guys on the edge.

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