VIDEO: Benenoch on Play of O-Line

Sophomore tackle Caleb Benenoch returns to his home state of Texas Saturday, and has friends playing for the Longhorns...

Caleb Benenoch answered questions from the media Tuesday.

On the offensive line since week one:
We've made a lot of improvements. It was a big help getting Jake back and the offense went a lot smoother. We're getting comfortable playing with each other again and I'm looking forward to our progress with Texas this weekend.

On his comfort at tackle compared to guard:
I'm comfortable at both, it doesn't make a difference.

On going back to Texas to play:
It feels good, I get to go back in front of my friends and family and play. It will be my first time really. My mom came to one game last year, in El Paso for the bowl game. It will be the second time she'll get to see me play in college, my sister and brother. I'm getting a lot of requests.

On Texas' defensive line:
They're a talented group. We just have to do our jobs. They're very talented. Their front seven is talented and all those guys look the part. They're all high recruits. They're going to get after it and they want to beat us. It's a big game for them, but it's a big game for us too and we're going to get after it and work our asses us.

On if he knows players on Texas:
I know a lot of guys. I know a whole bunch of guys on that team. It's going to be fun playing against guys I hung out with in the recruiting process, guys I visited Texas A&M and UT with. It's going to be a lot of fun.

On if he stays in touch with them still:
I talk to a lot of them. No trash talk. Just keeping it to ourselves.

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