VIDEO: Ulbrich Talks Defense

SEP. 10 -- Defensive coordinator Jeff Ulbrich talks about Fabian Moreau's issues and what needs to change in the pass rush...

DC Jeff Ulbrich discusses Fabian Moreau's struggles and how to generate more of a pass rush:

On Fabien Moreau:
He's the same guy every day, comes out here and competes his butt off. He's still fairly new to the position, with crazy upside, and with the way he works, he'll find it. He's a guy that you have to coddle. He's such a tough minded kid, you know from the experience and interaction with him, I don't see him shook. He's got the confidence of a great corner. Great corners are going to give up catches. He'll bounce back.

On if he's satisfied with quarterback pressure:
They kind of, the first two opponents have put a common formula on tape, keeping guys in, max protect. I think we can mix it up in general, a little more variety will help these guys and keep the offense more off their spot. We have to execute at a higher level.

On the man coverage:
We play a little more. We went in to the season with a little more confidence in that and the more our guys do it on Saturday, the more confidence they'll have in it.

On Kenny Clark:
He's awesome. He really is. He gets a lot of attention for the run defender he is. He's so strong and stout. But at the same time, he's got some wiggle, and some pass rush, more than people give him credit for. Just a great model of what it's supposed to look like.

On Texas:
Theyr'e a team, as we all know, when you take over a team, there is a change in culture, system. There is a great talent there. Every guy was a 4 or 5 star national recruit. When they get right and click, they'll improve. It's a process. As a coach who took something new, there will be some bumps. They are a talented team and one you can't take lightly.

On how you scheme against a team that got blown out:
You look at every game the same, you find what's worked and what hasn't worked. BYU did some things successfully. We'll be true to our defense. They're a team that if they catch momemtnum and can get going, they can be dangerous.

On if he's ever been in AT&T Stadium:
I played in it as a player and I coached in it with the Seahawks. I've been on both sides of it. It's an amazing architectural feat. One of the great things we do here, is we go in the day before, and get the awestruck and big eyes out. We let them see the enormous TV and get it out of their system.

On Tyrone Swoopes:
We have to be a little more contain consciece. Thankfully we have a guy here that is constantly threatening that so we constantly have to be pocket present. We have great little guys, Aaron Sharp, there may not be a better guy to play him. He's got some tools. He's given us a great look getting ready.

On if they've learned from the first two games:
We learn every game, as a coordinator and position coach. It's one of those things. The season is constantly changing. You have to adapt to your personnel. We have a pretty good idea from the first two games and just finding that defense to establish.

On the Texas offensive line:
Talented guys. When they get it, they'll be good. You've seen some moments where they really get it. We'll see a better unit than last week. I can see them getting better. It doesn't hurt when you have two good running backs running behind them.

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