VIDEO: Mora Talks Thursday

SEP. 11 -- Head coach Jim Mora updates a few injuries, talks about the neutral site rules, and more...

Jim Mora talks about playing Texas at a neutral site, and what that entails:

Opening statement:
It was a good Thursday. We've had three good days of work. We'll finish it up tomorrow and then head to Texas. Our guys are excited about the challenge and opportunity. It's been a good week of practice. We want to go out and do well in the three phases, with consistency that we're seeking and get a win. We feel like we're in the right frame of mind but we still have a lot of work to do before kickoff.

On Randall Goforth:
We're leaning towards doubtful and teetering on out. We're still waiting for some information but he's really doubtful.

On if Tahaan Goodman becomes the guy there:
Tahaan, we've worked on Jaleel in there. We have great confidence in AJ. Tahaan stepping in for us is a good thing. He's confident and understands the scheme and we feel confident with him in there.

On if Anthony Jefferson is fully a go:
Yeah, he's fine, he went full today. He's getting old. He's a senior now. But, no, he's doing good.

On Jake Brendel:
Jake's had a good week, I think it really benefited him to go in and play. The initial plan was for him to go in for a quarter, and the fact he made it the whole game will make him stronger.

On Charlie Strong changing the culture:
I don't know what he's going through, I don't pay attention to that. I can tell you here, this group of players embraced what we asked them to do immediately. There was a little shock, but these guys wanted to garner respect around the country and they were open to the changes we wanted to make.

On playing a marquee game like Texas:
The eyes of Texas. I think it's exciting for our program. Sometimes after you do it, I didn't schedule this game, the ones I schedule are in the future. But like I've said many times, there are a couple ways to look at it. You can schedule guarantees, and there is nothing guaranteed in college football, but games that are close to guarantees to beating, but how much will you learn about yourself? Or you can play games against good competition, and guys want to play them. So to go in to Texas and play a storied team like Texas, it's what we want to do as a program. We want to compete with the best.

On playing a neutral site game in Texas:
It shouldn't matter to us, it really shouldn't. We get to wear our blue uniforms, so I guess that's the concession, because I believe Texas chose to wear their whites. It's important we go down there on Friday, we'll go to AT&T Stadium and do our walk-through. It's a pretty awe-inspiring place, I've been there a number of times. We'll get our giddiness out of the way, look at the scoreboard, walk through the concourse, and take it all in so that way when we arrive on Saturday, we've done that and our focus is on the field. No matter where you are and play, it's the same field and same measurements.

On if the place was built when he was in the NFL:
Yes. I had been there a couple times, and went to the Super Bowl there.

On if they have restraints recruiting-wise even though it's a neutral site game:
We do and it's unfortunate because it's a neutral site game because we're not the home team but that's the way it breaks. We can't invite recruits to the game, but it's the way it is. Some of the coaches will go out on Firday and see games and see players, but we don't have the ability to bring guys to the game as our guests.

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