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SEP. 13 -- The UCLA offensive coordinator talks about Jerry Neuheisel, Paul Perkins and more...

UCLA offensive coordinator Noel Mazzone talks about Jerry Neuheisel, Paul Perkins and more.

On seeing Hundley go down:
I'd like to say that I grabbed my cell phone and hit my Uber app to find a ride. I have to say that because Iget free Uber points. Jerry has been in the system as long as Brett. He's always been there. He had a good camp. I thought, well, I'll cut the game plan down a bit. But it was unbelievable, Jerry went out and handled the situation better than anyone could. He really did an awesome job. I'm proud of him and the way he played.

On what made him call the double move for the touchdown:
It was kind of on the tip of my tongue for two drives but I was just waiting for the right time. I was talking to JP about it. Then they started playing a little man, and I thought, hey, if we're going to take a shot, this is where we'll take the shot. Jerry made a great throw and Jordan made a great catch.

On Texas not catching on to the swing passes:
I don't know about that, I just call the plays.

On the running backs impact on the offense:
Paul did a good job. I was fired up for Paul and JJ. I thought both ran well behind their pads. Picking up the 4s and the 5s. The outside kids did a great job blocking on our screens. The kids went out and played their butts off and I'm really proud of them. I called the same four plays.

On the offensive line:
We're a tempo team so when we can make a first down and another first down in the course of a drive, we can kind of get going. I was happy to see that our offensive line was getting a feel for the whole run game and the backs started pressing the right gaps and playing behind their pads and Nate came in and did some nice things for us at the tight end spot.

On if the running game is where they want it:
I don't think it's where exactly where we want it, but I think we took a big step.

On if the running game took a big step with Hundley out:
Oh yeah, when Neu went in there, played to his strengths, the rest of the kids stepped up and he made some key decisions for us and it was awesome.

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