VIDEO: Neuheisel Post-Texas

SEP. 13 -- The UCLA backup quarterback, Jerry Neuheisel, talks about rallying the team to a win against Texas...

UCLA backup quarterback Jerry Neuheisel, talks about rallying the team to a win against Texas, taking over for Brett Hundley and more.

On going in for Hundley:
You’re just kinda ready for it. Obviously there are some nerves but it’s your job as a backup quarterback to go in and take control and lead your team to victory. I had the good fortune of doing that today. I’m so proud of my team. Without those guys blocking up front with those runs I don’t think that we would have been in the situation that we were in. Everyone played so good; the defense played unbelievable in the second half. I’m so happy to be in the position that I am right now.

On the Jordon James fumble:
We didn’t blink. That’s the great thing about this team. We faced a lot of adversity especially in these first three games; more that we would have probably have liked, but we can handle anything. As soon as that fumble happened we knew we would get the ball back right and go down and score. There was no doubt in any of our guys’ mind.

On if he talked to his father:
I just talked to my dad. He said, “You did it and it’s kinda a Neuheisel thing.” I’m just blessed to be where I am at right now.

On if they did more as the game progressed:
Well, the game plan pretty much stayed the same. We kept sticking with the run but that was because we were getting so many yards. Four or five yards and a run game, its kinda like a body shot when you are a boxer. I’m saying that because there is a Maywether fight tonight. It just kinda took their wind out. I’m more than comfortable handing the ball off. Paul Perkins and Jordan James, they were just killing it.

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