VIDEO: Brendel on OL Play for Texas

SEP. 14 -- The UCLA center, Jake Brendel, talked about Jerry Neuheisel, the running game and more...

UCLA center Jake Brendel talked about Jerry Neuheisel, the running game and more after the win over Texas.

On losing Brett Hundley:
It's a shock but its something we have to deal with and something we have to move from. The next man up and Jerry stood up and did a pretty good job.

On Jerry Neuheisel:
He was waiting for the moment. And of course, it's not like he's wishing he could get on the field because of an injury, but being on the field, being with the guys, being in that offense, especially when it's working as well as it was.

On Paul Perkins:
It's always nice to be as succesul in the run game as we were tonight, putting the team on our back. Knowing we have to work, have to be successful up front.

On if they had to rise to the occasion:
Yeah, I'm feeling a little bit of success here. We still have things to work on and some missed assignments to correct, but as an offensive line and in the run game, we were successful.

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