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SEP. 14 -- The UCLA receiver, Jordan Payton, talks about his game-winning touchdown and more...

UCLA receiver Jordan Payton talks about his game-winning touchdown, Jerry Neuheisel and more.

On Jerry Neuheisel:
Well you know, Jerry. He prepares every day for this. We all expected it. He comes out every day to practice. He knows everything, the protections. He knows everything times two. When Brett unfortunately went down we had complete confidence in Jerry. At halftime he came in and said, ‘I’ve been dreaming of this my whole life, so why not just go out there and do it?’ We went out there and did it.

On his touchdown catch:
It was a great play call, honestly. We had seen something the whole game. Me and Jerry have been practicing that every day actually. It worked out perfectly.

On Brett Hundley:
Brett is a great friend of mine. Whenever a great friend goes down, you definitely, outside of thinking about football, you have to care for him and really think about him as a person rather than a football player. I’m not sure what happened. I heard that he’s going to get evaluated and we’ll go from there.

On if there was worry when Hundley didn't return:
As a friend I was worried. As a player, of course, your best player on the team, arguably, goes down, but there’s no question we have faith in Jerry, 100 percent confidence that he would come in and fit in in that role.

On what Hundley told them:
Brett kept us all in the game. He showed his maturity. Even though he was hurting, he still came out there and signaled in calls and stuff like that. So he definitely stayed in the game and stayed positive with us and showed who he was, a fighter.

On if Neuheisel was nervous:
No. Honestly. Maybe he was nervous. Everybody gets nervous, I still get nervous. But I couldn’t tell.

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