VIDEO: Perkins on Texas Game

SEP. 15 -- The UCLA running back, Paul Perkins, talks about his first 100-yard game, Jerry Neuheisel and more...

UCLA running back Paul Perkins, talks about his first 100-yard game, Jerry Neuheisel and more.

On the emotion of the team when Brett Hundley went out:
We knew we had a great quarterback in Jerry Neuheisel. He gave us a great halftime speech. He had been preparing for this moment and we just rallied behind him and he grabbed hold of it.

On if it was a breakout game for him:
I was just having fun out there. The O-Line was doing a great job, I couldn't ask for a better team and I'm happy for the win.

On the adjustments they made:
We just committed ourselves. We knew we had to run the ball to open up the pass game.

On where the team is at 3-0:
We still have a lot of work to do. But I think we'r eheaded in the right direction, need to keep pushing. A lot of flags today and head to ASU and keep working.

On if the playbook shrunk:
He knows everything just as good as Brett. There is no need for the playbook to shrink. He prepares for it. You couldn't ask for a better guy.

On being more involved in the offense:
Hey, they just wanted to get your boy the ball. I'm happy to be a part of it and help my boy Jerry out. I know it was a little uncomfortable for him but we all had to rally behind him.

On being on the field in crunch time:
Exciting. Speechless, honestly. That was a fairy tale win right there, I couldn't ask for a better win. Jerry threw a dime.

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