VIDEO: Mora On Wednesday

SEP. 17 -- Coach Jim Mora is tight-lipped about the injured, but talks about ASU's back-up quarterback and newest Bruin, JC transfer defensive end Takkarist McKinley...

Opening statement:
We had a really good bye week practice today, working on our stuff, fundamentals, individuals and got the young guys a lot of work. It was a long, productive, good practice for us. Pretty uneventful. We're focusing the next couple of days on us, self-scout, things that we saw that we need to clean up and improve upon. Looking at the film of things that have given us trouble that we need to correct.

On the injured:
They work every day with our incredible medical staff to get out there as quick as they can and when they're ready to get back out there, they'll go. That's about it.

On if he feels less good about injuries:
I feel great. I feel good about our team. They work hard every day to get on the field. They work hard to stay on the field. I'm excited about our team.

On if they've started on ASU prep:
As coaches, yes, with the team, no. We'll do a little tomorrow. It's more important we focus on us these next two days. We have a lot of time for Arizona State.

On if there were things he saw against Texas they need to fix:
Oh yeah, tons. Fundamentals, the details and improving on the details and things we want to emphasize and get better at.

On what Jerry Neuheisel showed them in camp that put him in:
Everything he showed me on Saturday. Poise, an understanding of the game. A confidence in himself and the players around him. Good decision making, accuracy. All those things.

On Asiantii Woulard:
Just because Jerry went in that game doesn't make him the backup quarterback. We never named a No. 2, No. 3 or No. 4. We have a whole bunch of guys. The next time, it could be Asiantii. Heck, Asiantii could start the Arizona State game. Who knows. We'll see.

On if he'll need a different starter for Arizona State:
We might. You never know.

On Tak McKinley:
He's practicing with us. He was with us today and looked good. We plan to use him. He can give us 10-15 snaps a game and we're excited about him. His knee has never been a problem. It might have been a problem there, but when he got here, his MRI was fine. He just started (acclimating).

On if McKinley will play against Arizona State:
I'm sure he will.

On what McKinley brings:
I don't think we don't have in other, but he adds to what we have. He's 6-3, 233-pounds and runs a 10.5 100m. And he's working to get in shape to what he needs to be at this level.

On what Josh Rosen means:
It doesn't mean anything right now, our focus is on Arizona State and getting better here. For the future, it's a great thing. It takes a burden off our recruiting effort. Right now, our focus is on us.

On a Scout team scrimmage:
We did that today and we'll do it a little more tomorrow. I didn't watch it. I was with the other guys. We split up at that time. I'll go watch the film of it.

On a timetable for Simon Goines' return:

On the short passing game helping Neuheisel:
I think our run game working helped get in the flow. Anytime you can run and force them into single coverage, you can do a lot more and I think that's what helped us more than anything, the run game.

On if it helps with confidence:
If you saw our game plan, you'll notice we ran a screen with Brett in there, so it didn't matter if it was Jerry or Brett in there, it was our gameplan. It didn't matter if it was Jerry or Brett. We hit a long one earlier in the game and then we hit one with Jerry.

On if they'll recruit out-of-state during the bye week:
We've already been out a few days. Our coaches have been on the road. We went to games in Texas on Friday. They went to schools yesterday, Monday and Tuesday. Some are out right now. Friday, we'll all be out looking at players. You only have so many times you can get out of state. This week we'll get out of state, next week we can get out because we play Thursday. Other than that, it's in-state. We just have to divide it up and make sure we're hitting the right guys. We don't want to neglect the in-state guys that are important to us, but you have to get out to see the out-of-state guys as well.

On scouting a backup quarterback:
You look at the scheme more than anything. Look at the scheme first and foremost not the quarterback.

On Jordon James:
He took advantage of his opportunities. I thought Perkins fumbled. You were all looking at me funny after the game but no one corrected me. Unfortunately he fumbled and you can't fumble at that point and time. You're trying to go win the game and you give the ball up like that, I don't care what you've done before that. That's a big deal. We're really excited about Nate Starks and the things he's doing and we're really excited about the way that Paul Perkins has run.

On Paul Perkins' improvement:
I think one of his strong points has been catching the ball. He's got good hands. He seems to be timing up and setting up blocks really well and his vision has really improved and that happens whern you play more. He's setting things up much cleaner than he was in the past. And that's great to see. He's running hard and falling forward.

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