VIDEO: Mora on Injured, ASU

SEP. 21 -- Head coach Jim Mora talks generally about the injured and the Arizona State game...

Jim Mora:

Opening statement:
Today was like a Tuesday for us, so it was a typical Tuesday work day and I thought they were focused and did a really nice job. We had a good week last week, in our bye week, and were able to focus on ourselves and yesterday we got a little bit of Arizona State work in and today was all Arizona State. I like where they're out emotionally and I think we're getting more healthy, having a few days off helped. We have a great challenge on Thursday night, this is a great team, they are the defending South champs. They beat us last year at the Rose Bowl and they're a really solid, sound, physical football team and I think we're up for the challenge.

On if Brett Hundley is playing:
All of our players who are out, we try to make the best decisions for them. We depend on our doctors to get us the right information. We have the best doctors in America, in my opinion. If they clear him and say he can play, just like everyone else, we'll play him.

On prepping for Michael Bercovici:
We primarily prepare for schemes. No one is going to scrap their scheme because of a certain player being in or out. More than anything we prepare for what they like to do and at the same time, prepare for any wrinkles. Any week you'll have wrinkles, so you have to concentrate on your rules and fundamentals. I don't think it's any more or less difficult from any other week, it's just different.

On Arizona State's running game:
They have a tremendous running back in Foster. We've seen him for a couple years. We recruited him, and I loved him out of high school. He's proven to be a dynamic player. Their scheme is set up for their quarterback to have success running the ball, and Taylor Kelly running the ball. They go fast so they get a lot of plays in, they keep you off balance. And then they're physical. Todd Graham has always had physical teams and they're a physical bunch.

On if ASU has adjusted their scheme after losing nine defensive starters:
I think you adjust every year. You go back in the offseason and look at the tape and you look at your personnel and you match your scheme and personnel. I don't think there is any dispute about Todd Graham being a great defensive coach and I think they've done that. I think they'll be aggressive. One thing they do really well is, during the game, before the snap, he's able to recognize offensive formations and personnel grouping and get them in the right position. I've never seen anyone that good at doing that. We have to be ready to adjust.

On Takkarist McKinley:
I don't know if we'll know for sure until a few games in, because it's still new for him. He's got size, he's got length, he's got speed and pass rush ability. That's practice, and games are always different but we'll have a chance to see him on Thursday night and take some snaps and see where he is. I think he's a great addition to this team, we were recruiting him for next year's class and he's going to be able to come in and help us this year and it's a real bonus for us. Our players have embraced him and I think he's loving it so far and I can't wait to watch him play.

On what he's seen from Priest Willis:
Kind of what I thought I'd see when I recruited him. A guy who has length, who can run. His confidence has grown. Like I've said all along, I think he's a corner. He's got the traits to be a corner. I don't think it's as easy as people think to be that shutdown corner, especially the way we play defense. I see his confidence growing, and that's a good thing, and as it grows, he's more comfortable doing what he's doing and those natural skill sets come out.

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