VIDEO: Iese on Expanding Role

SEP. 22 -- Fullback Nate Iese talks about catching a touchdown pass against Texas and the likelihood of getting a carry...

Nate Iese talks about his expanding role on offense and whether he'll ever get a carry out of the backfield:

On being featured more against Texas:
It felt good, something we've been going over the past three weeks. Those looks were open and they were hitting me. They tried finding me a couple times later. I felt good. It wasn't anything new.

On what he was thinking on his touchdown catch:
Just come down with the ball. Jerry did a great job putting it in a place where only I could come down with it and where I could make a play. The offensive line did a great job giving him the time to roll out and get the ball to me. I think it was open because we pound teams with that package, with Myles. The back of the end zone is always left open and we saw that earlier in the game and we took a shot at it and it worked.

On if he's comfortable in that role:
Anyway possible, they've been using me a lot for routes. I feel really comfortable with the way they're using me right now.

On how much playing defense helped him with his blocking:
Just being aggressive and attacking blocks, more than just catching. I was more excited about the blocks than the touchdown catch because its been something I've been working on and something I struggled with since coming over from defense. It was something I was excited about. I already know I can catch, but I was happy with the blocking.

On if defensive instincts help:
I would say so, those are always things a defensive player has to keep. You don't want to ever just catch a block. You want to attack a block.

On when he'll get his first carry:
I don't know, we'll see in game time, I'm not really sure. It's something we work on every day but when it comes to a game, it all depends on what the coaches call. I'm always itching to get the ball in my hands, it all depends on what they call.

On if his role will expand:
Just progressing every day, we don't really look too much into the future. What we can do right now and how we progress every day. They've been using me a lot. I'm really excited for what we've got going.

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