VIDEO: Brendel on O-Line Play

SEP. 23 -- Jake Brendel talks about Paul Perkins' running ability and being featured on the last episode of The Drive...

Jake Brendel discusses the ridicule associated with being featured on The Drive and how Paul Perkins' running style helps the offensive line:

On the running game against Texas:
I feel like it was a lot of, at halftime, we said we have to establish a run game. We put the offense on our back as an offensive line and made sure we did our jobs first.

On talking to Paul Perkins at halftime:
I kind of feel with my peripheral vision where the ends are at. I'm just doing my part and relay as much information to them to be successful.

On the biggest improvement in Perkins:
Just physicalness, for sure. He runs mean now. He can take a hit for sure. And lay a hit. Just being able to mature a little bit in that aspect of the game, it's really nice to have a back out there who can run downhill and hit the holes.

On if that was missing last year:
I don't know, not really. It's just something that he's done better since he's been here.

On if a runner like that helps the offensive line:
Definitely. It's always nice to have that assurance and confidence in the guys behind you to get the job done.

On Malcolm Bunche:
We don't really talk about injuries and he's doing his best to get back out here.

On getting Conor McDermott back out on the field:
It was good, he and I are good buds, so it was nice.

On being featured on The Drive:
Its never good to be that one guy. But at the same time, it's something that someone has got to do so I guess I'll take the hit on that one.

On two linemen being featured:
It's nice to know that they see us.

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