VIDEO: Dickerson on First Three Games

SEP. 22 -- Matt Dickerson talks about adjusting to the speed of the college game and the value of the bye week...

Matt Dickerson says the bye week was the hardest (and hottest) week of practice the team has had since San Bernardino:

On getting acclimated to college football:
It feels good to get the games out of the system. When I got here, the game was real fast. The older guys have taken us under the wing and I'm always constantly learning from them. You don't just get better individually, but as a group together. And I love this group here.

On what the biggest adjustment to the game was:
Speed, the size of the players, we don't have 300+ pound, over 6-4 guys coming at you on the line (in high school). It's all about technique. If you don't use technique, you're not going anywhere.

On his back:
It feels great. I'll admit the first day in pads in San Bernardino, I couldn't get any sleep the night before, I was worried. In high school, it was already hurting the first day in pads, and I had to crawl off the field. But over that past year, I worked constantly on my back so I wouldn't be at that point. It's 100%.

On how the past year has helped him:
It's really great. My dad was able to come down for the Memphis game, it was great to see him and great for him to see me play. It's close to home, I went to home last weekend for the bye. It's an hour flight, real quick. That was definitely part of the reason I came here.

On how much the bye week has helped:
It's been useful on the football field. We haven't really gotten a break, honestly. We worked harder the first day in pads, Wednesday. Wednesday was the hottest I've ever been and we worked hard. It felt like we were in San Bernardino again. Its been great. We're getting better every day watching film. I've never watched more film in my life.

On how he's played:
I feel like I'm holding my weight right now. I'm constantly trying to get better, technique wise. Kenny, Eddie, I'm always staying intensive with them. Technique is key.

On if his confidence grew after his first sack:
Yeah, definitely, you get the jitters walking in to that stadium, the Rose Bowl and coming out with all those people screaming at you. Once you get those out of your system, you start adapting to it. I'm just blessed to play as a freshman and just really blessed honestly.

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