VIDEO: Ulbrich on Defensive Adjustments

SEP. 22 -- Defensive coordinator Jeff Ulbrich talks about the adjustments from the bye week and defending against ASU...

Jeff Ulbrich:

On if the bye week has helped with a defensive identity:
I think we've always known what we wanted to be. Have we showed that on a consistent basis? No, not yet. Not in games, not in practice. We have to keep working. We're far from a finished product. I recognize and I think every guy on the defense recognizes and we have to keep coaching and working to this. It doesn't just happen on Thursdays and Saturdays, it happens here.

On if they worked on anything specific:
Just getting better at everything. Technique, fundamentals. That's kind of what we're based upon. We don't like to do a whole lot because I think we've got the guys who can knuckle up and fight you and be successful at that so we'll continue at that. I refuse to be a gimmick defense, but at the same time, give a little more variety and tools and working at everything, trying to get better at everything.

On if having the time for that has helped:
Yeah, it always is.

On Zach Whitley:
We'll continue to work him in practice. He's a kid that is maturing every day. Its less of an on-field thing and more off the field, getting him accustomed to our scheme and system and he's doing a great job. He's contributing on special teams and getting across that white line on Saturday's. It's paramount for development. He'll be a fun guy to watch grow.

On what Taylor Kelly being out means:
I think this offensive coordinator wants it to look a certain way. I think they have a ton of confidence in their backup guy. Coach Mazzone worked with him and recruited him at Arizona State. He's a proven entity from that standpoint. He's an effective quarterback, quick release, crafty. It's very similar.

On Randall Goforth being out:
It's too bad because Randall is one of our defensive leaders and it definitely hurts. But at the same time, with injury comes opportunity. For a lot of these young guys to get in their and play, there is no better development in playing.

On the safeties:
I think they've all shown glimpses of being very good. It's just a thing where we have to keep working and get better. We're lucky to have two serviceable guys who have bright futures in this game and it's going to be fun to watch them develop now that they have more playing time.

On if there are any specific benchmarks or goals for the defense:
Nah, I'm not a big believer in that. Honestly, we just have to commit to this every day and what we do out here, this grind. Get better every single day. If there is a secret formula to greatness, that's it.

On D.J. Foster:
As many concepts as they show you in the run game, you have to be completely disciplined. Everybody doing their job. If everyone commits to doing their job and not thinking too much, I think we'll be very successful because we have very good defensive players, good tacklers, guys that understand and can do their jobs at a high level. I think where you get in trouble with a guy like that is when you do too much. He's dangerous and can be used in a lot of ways. Not only do I have to do my job, I have to do this job. All these things. All of the sudden, he starts making plays.

On if having Myles Jack helps with a guy like Foster:
We're fortunate to have good linebackers. Myles can cover very, very well. Especially for a linebacker. We have Kendricks who is no slouch himself. Kenny Young, Isaac, Jayon, we have a lot of guys back there that are very athletic.

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