VIDEO: Jack on Playing D Against ASU

SEP. 24 -- Myles Jack talks about not playing defense last year against ASU and what it meant for that game...

Myles Jack discusses matching up against D.J. Foster and how much he wanted to play defense last year against the Sun Devils:

On D.J. Foster:
He's pretty much their guy. He does everything. He runs the ball, catches the ball, they get him in space. He's a total back. We're excited for a challenge like that. He's third in the NCAA in rushing. He's bigtime and I'm excited to go up against a guy like that.

On matching up against him:
I'm excited to see where I stand. He's one of the best in the nation right now. That will be a good matchup and exciting and I'm up for the challenge.

On playing defense against Arizona State:
That's new for me. Watching from the sidelines and actually studying and getting to play against them, it's exciting. Im excited to play against them on defense. There were a couple of times last year I wish I was out there. I didn't know some of the plays they put in for Arizona State. I just watched. I definitely wish I could have played in that game last year.

On if he pushed to get in on defense last season against ASU:
Other people were but I didn't know the checks they put in. I'd be out there, doing even worse. I'd be hurting the defense.

On if Mora ever told him he regretted not playing him on defense against ASU:
It wasn't anything like that. I look at it as I should have made more plays with my carries. I put it on myself that I didn't do more on offense. I didn't take it that I should have done more on defense. I wish I could have been on defense, but I still should have done more on offense.

On if he still thinks about that game:
Yeah. That could have changed a lot of things around here. We could have went to the Pac-12 Championship and competed against Stanford. It would have changed a lot of things. I think about that game a lot. Me and my offensive carries, I think about that. Every once in a while, I go back and watch it and see what I could have done better. That was a tough game and a hard game to swallow, especially with the seniors. It was tough.

On playing both offense and defense this year:
I'm definitely comfortable doing both. I have to read my blocks better on offense. Coach Polamalu is working with me on that, and making sure I make the most of my reps. I'm learning on the fly but I have to get better at that. Defense is my main job. That's what I'm working on mostly this week.

On if he's still as winded as he was at times last year:
I feel like I have more wind. It's not nearly as bad as last year. Last year, I was exhausted but this year, it's not that bad. They have us take ice baths after the game.

On defenses keying on him:
I definitely feel their presence and their eyes. The Texas game, all three of the linebackers were staring directly at me. They knew what was about to happen. I feel like teams are very aware of what's about to happen.

On if there are less holes:
It's more about reading the blocks and following my guys. Last year I could feel my way and make something happen. Now teams are filling gaps and I have to follow my blocks and hit it better. A couple of plays, I'm missing holes here and there and missing blocks that could go for big plays. I'll get better at that.

On Michael Bercovici:
He has a good arm. He's a very good thrower and very talented. He knows what he's doing and we're checking him like he's the starter. He's a great player.

On if they look at this game as a bigger one:
It's conference play and the stakes are higher. Every game counts. We've been saying week by week, but really now, it's week by week, every game matters. If you blow one of these, the season is kind of out of your hands, you have to win out, hope someone loses. We have to take control of our own destiny and it starts with ASU this week.

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