VIDEO: Kendricks on Discipline

SEP. 25 -- Eric Kendricks talks about the need for better discipline against Arizona State this week...

Eric Kendricks talks about not having Myles Jack on defense last year against Arizona State and how significant it'll be to have him this year:

On the defense after a bye week:
We go over our past games, our mistakes, last years game. We go over film a lot, get to practice, get a sweat in and some conditioning and then get ready for the next game.

On specific mistakes they've ironed out:
Our gap integrity and our pass drops. Little things. We're excited for next week.

On the significance of not having Myles Jack on defense against ASU last year:
It was huge. Myles is a big playmaker for us. He's a great talent and it's going to be huge having him back.

On Myles Jack's speed against ASU:
It's not so much speed that you need, it's more discipline. He's a great player.

On D.J. Foster:
The stats don't lie, he's one of the best we've seen so far and one of the best in the nation. He's running the ball hard. He's got a lot of aspects to his game that are elite. We're not going to take him lightly. We'll practice hard and be ready for him. He's a receiving threat as much as a running threat. He'll motion so you have to take him in to account and know where he is at all times.

On Noel Mazzone knowing Michael Bercovici from recruiting him:
For the most part, we just maintain our job. They'll have their scheme, we focus on what we do as a defense.

On the ASU loss last year:
It was crucial. We couldn't win the title because we lost the game. It was upsetting. But we're on to this year. Thursday should be fun. It's our most important game this week. We focus on each game one at a time. This is the most important game this week. It should be fun on Thursday.

On the safeties:
They've stepped up, having Randall as a mentor to start, they learned fast. They didn't miss a step, embraced their role and they'll be fine.

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