Masina Has Found the Balance

SEP. 23 -- Brighton (Utah) five-star outside linebacker, Osa Masina, has found the balance between chasing a championship, enjoying his senior year of high school, recruiting and planning for the future...

Osa Masina is a jack of all trades on the football field, and the five-star standout is also proving to be impressive off the field as well. Friday night, in Brighton's 34-6 victory over a tough Hunter team, Masina racked up 13 tackles, 1 sack, returned kicks and punts, and was the lead blocker for sophomore stud, Sione Heimuli-Lund. On top of that, Masina was awarded homecoming king at halftime. This of course was all taken in by UCLA coaches (Mazzone and Tuiasosopo) and USC coaches (Sirmon and Tuiasosopo).

"It wasn't ideal to be awarded homecoming king at half time of my game," Masina explained, still looking a little frustrated. "I wanted to be in the locker room with my teammates. We were only up a few at half time, and winning football games is far more important than any school dance. It is what it is, we ended up coming away with a good win."

Masina had over 20 offers midway through the summer, when he decided to cut his list down to 5 schools. Masina continued to hear from programs like Alabama and other national powerhouses, but chose to focus on his top 5.

"It can really be a lot sometimes, too much really," Masina claimed. "I'm trying to do well in school, I play three sports, and obviously I want to hang out with my friends and family. Being recruited can be crazy. You log into social media and you are getting blown up and your mailbox is filled with letters. It's humbling and amazing, but sometimes it's a lot to handle."

Masina has found that balance, and Friday night was a perfect representation of that. Having two of his top schools evaluating him, being awarded defensive MVP for the game, and being honored as the homecoming king is very indicative of Masina's juggling act.

"First things first, I am looking to win a state championship and help lead my team to the top," Masina stated. "Football and academics are huge to me, and take a priority over the recruiting process. That being said, I know it's important to get out there and take my visits and build relationships with coaches and future teammates. I've found time to schedule three official visits in the next two months or so. I plan to take all five trips and then I will make my decision. I feel like all five schools have really earned a good honest look."

A Closer Look At The Set Trips

Arizona State: I'll be visiting ASU in the middle of October for the Stanford game. I am really excited about that trip. My recruiting coordinator and position coach, Chip Long is a good guy. I really like him. The rest of the coaching staff is awesome too. Coach Graham is a guy I could see myself play for. ASU has told me that I can play on either side of the ball for them, which really sticks out. They told me I can come in an be a guy for them, playing on both sides of the ball. That's a cool opportunity for me. I loved my unofficial down to Tempe earlier this year.

Wisconsin: My trip to Wisconsin is set the week after my ASU trip. I'll see the Badgers take on Maryland, which should be a pretty good game. I'm definitely high on Wisconsin. The coaching staff is awesome. I love those guys a lot. They recruit really well. They aren't pushy at all. They really let you know where they're at and just shoot straight with me. Gary and Chad are two of my favorite coaches. I'm excited to get out there and check out Madison again.

USC: I'll be at SC for the Notre Dame game. That should be amazing to witness. I've been to USC a few times now and every time I'm there, it's hard to leave. It's a great program that has a lot of talent. Coach Sirmon would be my coach there, and I really like him a lot. I think he is a really good coach and develops his players well.

With Masina's packed season and commitment to his own team, it is unlikely to find time to visit Michigan and UCLA during the fall, but it will most likely be after his season.

"It's tough, we have 6 A.M. practices every Saturday," Masina said. "It's a juggling act, but we'll figure it all out. I jump right into basketball after the football season, so it will take some planning, but I will definitely make it out to both schools. I won't make my decision before taking all five visits."

Many were surprised when Masina left Utah out of his top five earlier this summer, but apparently the five-star linebacker hasn't completely shut the door on his hometown team.

"How could I count the Utes out," Masina asked. "I grew up a Utah fan. A lot of my family has season tickets, my brother plays there, I have family on the staff, and I love Coach Sitake and Coach Whitt. They will always be in the picture. If they have a good season this year, they could definitely emerge back in the picture. We'll see what happens."

Masina is the type of guy you want on your team. Despite rushing for over 1,600 yards and 25 touchdowns as a junior, Masina has happily taken on the role of lead blocking this fall. Through four games, he only has 27 touches on offense, and could care less.

"I just want to win," Masina said with a smile. "I am even more happy making a block that springs Sione for a touchdown than I am scoring a TD myself. I don't care if I play fullback, quarterback, or running back, I just want to win football games. Sione is really talented, and I love delivering punishing blocks to open holes for him. Tonight, I had a few big blocks and I loved it."

A year after winning 5A MVP, Osa Masina is content with being a fullback. There aren't too many five-stars out there that would embrace that role. The A student, homecoming king, lead-blocker has found the perfect balance of being a normal kid, leading his team back to the state championship, and being one of the most sought after prospects in the country.

BRO Editor's Note -- From Greg Biggins, on the BRO Premium Football Board: "I talked with his mom recently and she said they were looking at visiting UCLA for the Utah game but the game time hadn't been set yet. They can only do visits if the games are later in the day since they're flying out Saturday morning. She also mentioned they would love to visit for the USC game but that was the date of the Utah state championship game and they're hopeful of playing in it."

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