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SEP. 23 -- Coach Jim Mora talked after practice Tuesday about Brett Hundley, UCLA's depleted secondary, Todd Graham's defense and more...

Opening statement:
A good week of work and we have one more practice tomorrow. I like where we're at. It's going to be a great game. Thursday night game under the lights, national TV, two really good teams going at it. We're excited for the challenge and I think it's reflected this week. We're ready to go and we'll be ready to go.

On how last year's game weighs with them:
I'm not sure that it is a whole lot. We're always kind of eyes forward. This is an entirely different team from last year. A lot of guys are gone, a lot of new guys are in. Its another opportunity for us to go out and play well and perform against a really good team.

On if he'll announce a starting quarterback:
We'll see when we get to game time, who's ready to go, will be the guy who will play for us.

On Brett Hundley:
He's been limited. He's done a few things. He's working with us.

On if Hundley is in pain:
You'll have to ask him. I haven't asked him.

On when the doctor's will make that decision:
Like I've said all along, we have a great medical staff and our number one priority is always the health and welfare of our players so we depend on them to get guys ready to play. We depend on Coach Alosi to tell us when they're physically ready and their strength is back. If they clear through our injury protocol, than we play them. Sometimes it goes right up to kickoff. In the NFL, you have to declare a guy inactive or active, at this level, you don't, so we'll just take it as far as we can and make the best decision for the player first and the team second.

On if the medical staff will wait a long time to decide:
You're going to push it out as far as you can and make sure that you're making the right decision for the player. At this level, different than the next level, these guys aren't getting paid, this is not a profession, this is still a game. I think always the most important thing is the health and welfare of a player.

On if there is an advantage for Arizona State to not saying anything:
No, it's not, because they're preparing for Brett. They're preparing for our scheme. Todd Graham is a tremendous defensive coach, he's been doing this a long time. It's not like we're trying to pull one over on Todd Graham, because you're not going to pull one over on him. They're preparing for UCLA and schemes and plays and tendencies and I'm sure they're assuming Brett's going to play, and that's what I'd be doing, and I'm nowhere near the coach that Todd Graham is. They'll be ready to go regardless.

On what sets Hundley apart from the others:
Brett is bigger and heavier. Both understand our scheme very very well. We saw Jerry go out there against Texas and execute very well. Asiantii is the same size as Brett, not as experienced, but he's made amazing progress through spring and fall up to now. Whoever is out there, we feel confident, and we will.

On if they'll change the scheme:
The scheme doesn't change. You don't have the time. If you want to be good at it, you have to settle on what you do well. All our quarterbacks can do what's asked of them.

On Randall Goforth's injury:
He did it early in the Memphis game so we haven't had him for quite a while. As you saw last week with AJ out, we even had to go further and use Tahaan and Jaleel. So that was good for them to get experience. Hopefully AJ will be able to play, once again his deal is a game day deal. I wish I could know for certain whether or not he's going to play. If Jaleel or Tahaan is back there, I feel confident. We can't change anything, it's too hard. These guys have been working in our system for two years, some since fall and they know what they have to do.

On working others in:
Its like musical chairs for a couple of guys, going back and forth. Charles Dawson, Adarius Pickett, we had those guys on offense. This week on defense, next week they may be on offense. Fortunately we recruit and sign guys who have versatility. Those guys are still young players so they can do that. You do what you do and do the best you can with what you've got.

On if he did anything special to help the young safeties:
The way we prepare regardless is pretty special. We don't leave a lot of things uncovered. Those guys spent a lot of time watching film. Having a bye week and those practices, it's real beneficial for games like that. When you game plan, you have to tweak things. The fact they played in a game, there is so much value in that. Playing in a game accelerates your learning. So it won't be new for them. One of them will have to start.

On if he's surprised by Jaleel Wadood against Texas:
I wasn't surprised but I was excited. From day one, you could tell he was a good football player. You guys saw him live more than I did. Wasn't he the Southern California Player of the Year? This is pretty good football we've got here. It doesn't seem like it's too big for him. It says a lot for him and his background and his coaching that he could step on to that stage against Texas in Jerry's World and perform like he did and I think it gave him a great boost of confidence.

On Fabian Moreau:
Well Fabian against Texas didn't play that much in the second half. He came in at the very end because he hurt his elbow. What's encouraging is he hasn't let it affect him. He's been out here. When the game was on the line, he jumped back in there. He knew we had a young guy in there with little experience. To me, his competitiveness and dedication was shown jumping out there. I hold him in high regard. I think he's a very good player. I think we overreact when a ball gets caught. When you play football, you'll give up a catch or two. This guy is pretty special.

On Takkarist McKinley:
He's going to play, we're gonna play him. He'll be limited. He doesn't have the background or experience of the other guys but we'll use him on special teams a little and on defensive packages. Get him in the things he's comfortable doing. He's got speed and more power than I thought he had. It's very exciting. I've seen him do both (hand down and standing up) and I think he's probably more comfortable in a 2-point, but he can do a 3-point. I think in a game like this, we're going to let him do what he's most comfortable doing. So if that's a 2-point or 3-point, it doesn't matter to me.

On when he regretted making Myles Jack a running back exclusively against Arizona State last year:
After the first drive. When we couldn't tackle them and they went right down the field on us. I felt like it was a necessity going in to the game. Looking back on it, it was a huge mistake. I tried to be more thoughtful in those decisions since that time. I shouldn't have done that. I'm not saying it would have made a difference. They were a good football team when we played them. It just seemed like a stupid, tactical error on my part.

On having someone to cover D.J. Foster:
He's a special player, we saw that when he was at Saguaro HS. He's unique, a great runner and great receiver as well. You can't mirror him. No one does that. It helps when you have more athletes on your defense, especially against Foster.

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