Edwards Has Four Schools of Focus

SEP. 24 -- Florida safety prospect Ben Edwards has four schools he's focusing on -- two on the east coast and two on the west coast...

With yet another restart to his recruitment, Jacksonville (Fla.) Trinity Christian safety prospect Ben Edwards now says he'll take his time, but is focusing on four schools.

In February, Edwards committed to Ohio State, but then then switched his commitment to Auburn in April. In early August, he backed out of his Auburn pledge.

“I’m just really taking my time,” Edwards said. “I want to make sure it’s the right school 100-percent. I’m going to do my own personal research with each school.”

The fours schools he'll research are Miami, North Carolina, Stanford, and UCLA.

“All four of them have a need at my position and they’re coming at me hard with their recruiting [efforts],” Edwards said. “I have a great relationship with all the coaches – I talk to the coaches from those schools almost every day. The academic reputation with each of those schools is important – all of them are pretty good in academics.”

Two of Edwards’s favorites already have a Trinity Christian product on their commitment list – UCLA (Victor Alexander) and UNC (Andre Smith).

“It would be fun to go to college with someone you went to high school with,” Edwards said. “So it’s a little bit of a factor.”

Edwards will visit both North Carolina and UCLA with his respective teammates.

The October 4th official visit to UNC will be the first official visit on his schedule. He’s set to officially visit Stanford on Oct. 25 (Oregon State), Miami (Florida State) on Nov. 15, and UCLA on Nov. 22 (USC).

Is there a possibility of any other school getting a fifth visit?

“It’s probably just going to be those four,” Edwards said. “Those four are really the only schools I’m focused on.”

Heading into his official visit schedule, Edwards did admit Stanford is his leader.

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