VIDEO: Mora After ASU

SEP. 26 -- Jim Mora talks about Brett Hundley after the big win over Arizona State...

Opening Statement:
Good win on the road, against what I think is a really good team that we have a lot of respect for. I think that game kind of showed that we have grit to us. Falling behind early in this environment, I have been around team before that would have folded, but we don’t do that. This is our third game out of four away from the Rose Bowl, and I don’t know many teams that have started with three road games out of four at Virginia, at Texas, at Arizona State, and won them all. So I think that says a lot about the young men in that locker room right there, their toughness, their grit, I am really proud of them.

On Brett Hundley:
The first series he seemed tight to me, just reading his body language and his face, I know him so well, just his eyes, the way they looked, and then he just relaxed. He played very well and he played fearless, that’s what I was looking for. I think we were looking for that, and I am sure that’s what he was looking for. Not worrying about his elbow just playing. And he moved really quickly towards that, so I was very happy to see that.

On the big plays:
The two Jordan Payton plays and the Eldrige Massington plays are the ones that stick out to me because of the second effort, and in Eldrige’s case the third and the fourth effort to get out of that. But, with JP’s. when they had the holding or the PI, you see a lot of wide receivers that will throw their hands up and stop, but JP put his hand down and he kept going and he caught it. I think he scored on that one. The one toward the end of the game, a lot of guys would allow themselves to be pushed out of bounds, but he didn’t he just kept running. Eldrige wasn’t satisfied with the first down he so stayed with it. That’s what as a coach you like to see, that second effort, because it pays off. It has an impact on the rest of your team. People see that and then go 'geez'. We always talk about second effort, taking an extra step.

On Ishmael Adams’ pick-six:
Huge. It was a huge play in the game. They had momentum, at least they’re probably going to get a field goal because they have a great field goal kicker, if they score a touchdown now they’re up, I think it was 20-17, and Ish comes up with that play. I don’t know if there’s a better guy to have the ball in his hands in that situation other than Ish. He’s a great open field runner. Initially, when he caught it, I thought: he needs to get down so we have a chance to run a play or two’, and then all of a sudden when, he cut back and I’m like ‘we’re good, it’s Ish and that was a huge, huge, play in the game, and then you back that up with coming out in the second half and hitting the first play all of a sudden you put a little distance between yourself and a really good team.

On the defense against ASU:
I'm not happy with it and I don't think they're happy with it and I think they're much better than they showed tonight. That's a really good offense. Mike Norvell is an outstanding offensive coordinator. I know that was a backup quarterback, but that's not a backup quarterback because that guy could start just about anywhere in the country and be effective. All that being said, we have to play better. What it comes down to is guys doing what they're supposed to do and doing it consistently. Sometimes when you go against a team like this, you try to make a play and you guess. And when you guess and make a great play, it looks great, everyone is fired up. Then you do it again and they gash you. Defense is about discipline and effort. We just have to improve in discipline.

On when he knew Hundley was going to play:
Once I saw him (laughter). I don't know how to answer that question. I can answer it truthfully or I can lie. He was going to certainly play when he ran out there for the first series. We always have to make sure we're doing what's right for the player, that's critical. We never want to put them in a situation where they're going to further injure themselves or career or the rest of their lives. Once our doctors felt secure they could brace him up and he'd be ok, we were secure he'd be able to play. I needed to see him practice and I needed to see him emotionally and once i felt like he had cleared those hurdles and could play the way he had to be to be effective, it was right to start him no matter what. I didn't really tell you when there, did I?

On Hundley hurdling people:
I wouldn't worry about him. I have so much respect for our medical staff and trainers and they're not going to let someone go out there and play when they're not ready. They're just not. We're not going to put these kids at more risk. I felt ok about it, I didn't worry about Brett.

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