VIDEO: Hundley on Big Win

SEP. 26 -- Quarterback Brett Hundley talks about what it felt like to beat ASU in his home state...

Brett Hundley talks about the big 62 point performance from the offense:

On when he knew he was playing:
I always knew, I just kept it a secret.

On being back home:
It was really nice. Having all my family and friends watching and having us pull out the performance we did tonight was really amazing.

On if the elbow brace gave him problems:
Not much, there were a couple throws. You really have to get use to the brace. It messes with your weight distribution and things like that, but I think I managed to pick it up pretty quickly.

On the play of his receivers:
I give all the credit to my receivers tonight. They really stepped it up knowing that I was coming back from an injury. They stepped up for me, and they made plays. Everybody on the receiving side did great for us tonight.

On why he was so amped:
There is a lot of talking, but at the end of the day we play football, it just excites me to come back home and play ball and come back and play in front of my family, because they can't come out every week. We came out with a big win and that felt great, not just for my team, but for the people that came out to support me.

On their improvement since Virginia:
We really executed this game, and Virginia was our first game. There is a lot of rustiness you have to shake off. You learn the most from the first game. We continued our training and it paid off.

On avenging the loss to ASU:
Very satisfying, you don't even know. They are a great team and have a bright future ahead of them.

On realizing their potential:
Very close. We had a lot of penalties, so there is a lot we can clean up, but I am very proud. We just keep getting better.

On his confidence after his hurdle:
I need to stop doing hurdles, but I am just playing football. I will learn eventually. It did boost my confidence, but I didn't want to limit myself because of my elbow.

On if they offense can keep improving:
We can get better. Going into that first half, we had all those penalties and small mistakes and I think we can be a better team if we can play a complete game.

On what they need to improve on:
Studying and trusting the next man.

On if the brace feels bionic:
Yeah, it is. Really. It’s customized. It is just an elbow brace, but there are limitations to it. There is a lot of limit in movement, but we got the job done.

On tapping his arm after his touchdown:
Just that I wasn't going to limit myself. To show that sometimes you have to play through pain. My team let me come out and play my game.

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