VIDEO: Ulbrich on Defensive Performance

SEP. 26 -- The defensive coordinator discusses the big yardage total for ASU and playing 100+ plays...

On ASU's yardage:
I think our group has so much more potential and so much more in the tank. You enjoy the win and you're happy about the win but we can be so much better on defense. I'm happy that we won. I'm happy for a bigtime win against a great opponent. But at the same time, we need to be better.

On putting Anthony Jefferson at corner:
He's just such a versatile guy. Giving us some different looks. And then you have a guy in Ish, who's so versatile. It was very cool seeing him back there at safety. He's one of the savvy football players with a sense for the ball. We had the ability to go with Priest out there. It's a beautiful thing when you have that versatility. He's a true DB.

On Jaleel Wadood:
Another guy, a youngster who is wise beyond his years. Like a coaches son, he understands the game at a high level and a high football IQ and a guy who will only get better as he plays.

On the defense making big plays:
I'd like to think we can come up with a big play when we need to, but at the same time, the yardage that we're giving up at times and the plays we're giving up at times, it's a little frustrating because I feel like we have so much more in the tank. There will be times we have to win the game for the team. Our offense isn't going to always score 60 point. We have to just be more disciplined.

On if youth is contributing:
It's a little of that, but I wouldn't say that the mistakes being made are all youngsters. You're always going to give up yardage, but we've got to be more disciplined.

On if they had defensive variety:
We showed some different stuff. The execution of every play, I feel we can do so much more if we execute at a higher level.

On if the defense can be a championship defense:
The makeup of this defense, not just the starting 11, but the guys that back them up, have the ability to be one of the best in the nation. It's a work in progress. Improving there then Saturday's become a celebration of the work during the week.

On the defensive personnel:
It's one thing to want to be great, it's another thing to be willing to pay the price to be great. Work every single day, commit to that. Starting to learn what it takes, and do what it takes. It's inevitable that when you do that, the results will show on Saturday.

On their characteristic:
Our high level execution. That's what we're working for. We talk about competitive greatness and they've done that so far.

On what Hundley's return meant to the defense:
That's something that affects your entire team. I talked to Brett about it before the game. This is a violent game we play and if you're going to play this game for a living, which I know he has aspirations of doing, you're going to have to play at a high level, and he did that today and he was an absolute inspiration today to the offense, the defense and special teams. Not only to play well, but to tuck the ball and run and finish running. I thought it was a great reflection of who he is as a man. If that doesn't inspire you, you have something wrong.

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