VIDEO: Mazzone on Offensive Explosion

SEP. 26 -- Offensive coordinator Noel Mazzone talks about the offensive line and quarterback play on Thursday...

On the offensive performance:
It felt like we were never on the field. Someone in the box said at the beginning of the fourth quarter we had only been on the field for 47 plays, so that's not like us. We're usually at 80. The kids did a good job. Kenny Lacy came in for Alex and did a good job. Brett was a little nervous to start things, he fought through it and the receivers did a nice job.

On what he saw from Hundley:
What were his stats, 355 for four touchdowns? His play was alright, but the play calling was awesome. Nah, he's a hometown guy, he came in here, a lot of friends and family. He didn't really play against Texas so I'm proud of how he came in and battled.

On Hundley handling ASU's pressure:
Our o-line keeps getting a little bit better every week, which is good to see. They're playing better and gelling and if they can keep progressing during the season with Jake. Even when Kenny came in, Quess has taken some steps. I thought our interior guys played really well.

On having no turnovers:
Really? Yeah. It's hard to go on the road any place and play. As we've proven this year, though. We want to stay on schedule, all about the ball, protect the football. Don't worry about the explosive plays.

On Jordan Payton:
I thought all those guys did well. He and Eldridge. What you want to see this season, they're all progressing this season.

On the offensive turnaround:
Thank god for a 90-something interception return and a 100-yard kickoff return. We had a couple big plays in there. I'll say a pretty cool play was the one Eldridge had, a little snag route, broke a couple tackles. We have some young guys, but some big physical guys. We're a run after catch kind of offense.

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