VIDEO: Duarte on Offensive Performance

SEP. 27 -- Thomas Duarte talks about when the team knew Brett Hundley was going to play...

Thomas Duarte discusses the big offensive explosion against the Sun Devils on Thursday:

On exploiting the ASU defense:
We knew coming in to this game they would be bringing a lot of pressure. If you want to call it imposing their will, that's what they wanted to do to us and we took advantage of it.

On when he knew Brett Hundley was fully a go:
From the first play. Brett was so hyped the whole week. It was ASU, he grew up around here, it was only fitting for him to be as hyped as he was.

On if this was the most efficient they had seen Hundley:
I'd say it's up there. We've seen Brett do some amazing things, and this is another one of Brett's games. He does what he does every week.

On if they worried when they saw him hurdle players:
He's got the sleeve and the brace and he's out there telling everybody he's fine. Just to see him out there doing his thing, hurdling guys, taking shots, that inspires a team. This guy sat out the Texas game, as hard as it was for him. He sits out and then comes back the next week, it says something about his character and him as a man. To be a leader of this team, it inspires us.

On if Hundley sitting out the rest of the Texas game motivated him:
I think so. That's how the cards play. Jerry stepped up to the plate and handled business.

On if they felt the momentum turn on Ish's returns:
Definitely. It's kind of funny, but I was sitting next to one of our teammates, someone walked by and said 'watch, pick six, pick six right here.' And sure enough, three plays later he gets the pick six. We felt them kind of quiver a little and we knew if we didn't come out in the second half and start fast, it was going to be a ball game. Coach Mora has us ready at all times. We came out and started as fast as we could.

On who called the pick six:
I'm not sure, I just heard it.

On what this game means:
You can take it however you want it to. It's just another game. This is a Bruin standard, if you want to call it that. We'll go back tomorrow and there are things we have to work on. You can call it whatever you want.

On if they feel they did work:
The last few we won, you can call it battle tested and they were good coming together as a team. Over the last three weeks, we've felt the team coming together under the leaders and coming in to this game with ASU, saying what they did with the blackout, hyping up the game and that they were going to win, it just motivated us a little more.

On the UCLA on the pitchfork:
I came out for a little warmup, and I was laughing. I was laughing at how frantic they were at covering it up. It was funny. It was funny to us. Kind of amusing to see how serious they were going to take it. Games like that you have the edge. They don't want to tell you, but any little thing will get under their skin, any little thing will have them arguing with each other and that's what Coach Mora has us ready for.

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